There’s A New Competitor For Gaming Chairs In Australia

There’s A New Competitor For Gaming Chairs In Australia

Australia hasn’t had a lot of competition when it comes to the gaming chair space — but that’s about to change.

If you want a chair for long stretches of gaming, the only feasible options are to go bargain hunting in a furniture store somewhere or to buy one of the various “racing” chairs available from Officeworks and other retailers. But as of this week there’s a new competitor down under: Secretlab.

Secretlab’s a Singaporean company with a footing in the world of esports: their two founders spent plenty of time dabbling in StarCraft 2, lurking amongst the waters of Blizzard’s SEA server. These days they concentrate on making gaming chairs, however, launching the gold-on-black leatherette Omega Stealth in Australia.

The first shipment of Secretlab’s chairs don’t arrive until May 23, and for now it’ll be the only chair Australians can order. But the tech sheet is fairly impressive: the Omega Stealth is made using a sheet of cold-cure foam with waterproof PU leatherette. The armrests can be adjusted in just about any direction, and there’s a triple-way tilt mechanism at the base to make the chair supremely reliable.

Available now for $449 — making the Omega Stealth one of the costlier options when it comes to gaming furniture — Secretlab says their chair comfortably supports gamers around 190cm tall and under 110kg heavy.

The weight restriction could be a bit of a problem for Australians. It’s not hard to imagine, say, someone who’s 120kg having no issues with the Omega Stealth, but someone heavier than that might need to look elsewhere. All chairs come with a 2-year warranty, and there’s always Australia’s robust consumer law to back you up as well.


  • I really want one of these seats in complete black with no neon lights or giant trade marks plastered all over it. Anyone know of where I can get one?

    • They all have branding on them. They’re made for e sports. Unless you wanna she’ll out more for a costly “custom job”.

      • Surely someone, somewhere is making these without giant branding on them. I dont want to look like a 12 year old cod player.

    • Mate, try Vertagear’s range on PCCG. Saw them on HardwareCanucks as one of the only few chairs that look good. The all black design is amazing.

  • My $150 mesh officeworks chair is going strong after 2 years and is as comfy as any lounge I’ve sat in. I also don’t look like an E sport dick or boy racer while sitting in it.

    • As long as it’s comfortable, sturdy and the dimensions work with your desk, that’s really all that matters. Unless you ride your desk chair down main street in peak hour, of course.

    • Mine too! would highly reccommend to anyone looking for a chair. Mesh is much more comfortable in summer I find, and it doesn’t make my office look like a twelve year old’s bedroom to boot.

  • Problem I have with chairs is that the leatherette keeps flaking off, so I’ve been through several racing chairs in the last few years, and Officeworks extended warranty doesn’t cover this specific issue. Don’t see any point in spending a large amount of money if the thing is going to break reliably.

    • What brands have you been using? I have a DXRacer chair that I’ve been using very heavily (since I work from home at the moment) and the material doesn’t have so much as a blemish, let alone flaking.

  • “Gaming chair” LOL. Like a normal office chair but hideous and twice the price.

    • I can’t speak for this brand in particular, but as someone who spends a lot of time seated, this type of chair is not in any way ‘like a normal office chair’. Typical office chairs are awful. These kinds of chairs, or high-back mesh chairs with proper neck support are both expensive in comparison to your typical office chair, but they’re both absolutely worth the money if you’re going to be sitting for extended periods.

      • Perhaps I’ve just been spoiled in offices that bought ergonomically incredible chairs. In any case, all the features you’re talking about can be had for well less than the $449 quoted on this “gaming” chair. Perhaps not half, granted.

        • I’ve had a hard time finding affordable high-back office chairs with good neck support. I started with an ordinary high back mesh chair but it wasn’t cutting it and I ended up with lower back aches after a few hours. Switched to a very expensive mesh chair with customisable everything and it was extremely comfortable, but started falling apart pretty much right as the warranty ended. For the price I paid for it, I would have expected 2-3 times longer life than what I got.

          I researched these ‘gaming’ chairs a lot when my mesh chair finally got so bad I couldn’t use it. I assumed it was gimmicky nonsense too, but I read a lot of reviews and found even people like TotalBiscuit were very positive about them. I ended up picking up an M-series DXRacer chair and while I’d say it’s not quite as comfortable as the super-expensive mesh chair I had before, it’s pretty close. But for sturdiness it’s far ahead of the mesh one, and I haven’t had any lower back aches since using it.

          I paid what, around $400 for mine I think? I agree $450 is on the high end, I just think this type of chair (not necessarily this brand) is worth a look into at least.

    • Yep, +1 to this. I’ve had my Aeron for almost 11 years now, even moved interstate with it, and its still as good as the day I got it. Expensive sure, but worth it considering what I would have spent on other (nowhere near as comfortable) chairs over that same period if I didn’t have it.

  • I ordered one of these a couple of days ago.
    I cant wait to try it, I have been looking at these “gaming” chairs for quite a while and this one seemed like a descent deal.
    I have gone through too many office work chairs where the padding has disappeared after 6 months of use.

  • DXRacer chairs have been available to Australians locally for well over two years. There is an online reseller based in NSW and PC Case Gear in Melbourne stock these as well as AK Racing. Who buys gaming chairs from office works?

    The DXRacer chairs start from $300

    • I did actually buy one of the Officeworks gaming chairs unintentionally (I actually wanted a decent chair for home whilst using the computer). It was cheaper than I wanted but it was without doubt the most comfortable chair out of all of them. It’s actually pretty good and going strong after a year.
      I suspect I’ll replace it with something like a DXracer when it dies but it’s actually very good for the money.

  • Looks exactly like the ‘DXRacer’ chair I’ve had for over a year, or one of the dozens of other racing chairs that PCCaseGear sells.

  • I found an office chair dumped on the front lawn of someone down the street & it’s comfy as anything else I’ve own.

    Pointless shelling out close to $500 for a “special gaming” chair.

  • Ordered one for the sole reason that it doesn’t look like a tacky dxracer chair.

    Love that it doesn’t look like the standard racing chairs and the black/gold/red colour scheme is great to look at. Can’t wait to sit in it.

    • Looks pretty much the same as the DXRacer chair I have: (picture). You know they come in different colours including plain black if that’s what you want, right?

  • Leather and foam = failure. Gaming is way too hot with powerful PC’s and warmer weather, the back needs to be mesh.

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