There's A Sim Game Just About YouTubers

There's A Sim Game Just About YouTubers

Youtubers Life is just like The Sims. If The Sims could sit in front of a computer and record themselves playing video games for a living. Coming soon for the PC, it's a full-blown life sim, in that you can leave the house, meet people, get married and so on. But the key appeal is right there in the name: there's a detailed mode in the game that tries to simulate the act of streaming/recording game vids on the internet.

It looks a lot like a diet version of management games like Game Dev Story:

OK, so by the tone and art style this is not going to be for everyone, but I can totally see a game like this carving out a niche on PC, especially given the subject matter.

It's coming to Steam on May 19.


    So now we're going to get YouTubers playing a game about being a YouTuber and then uploading it to YouTube.

    What is this world coming to...

      there is already another youtube game out and absolutely nothing. you say that as if its bad.

      Skateboarders have played skateboarding games.

    In The Sims 4 at least you can totally record yourself playing video games for money. So I dunno. I'd probably just stick with that.

      similar games but different still. in sims 4 ur character just sits there and plays on the computer and u get money for it.

      its not the focus of the game as it is here and it lacks other features just as this game lacks features from the sims because they are 2 different games lol

    wouldnt say its a lite version of game dev story. thats kinda like saying sims 3 is a lite version of roller coaster tycoon

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