They Transformed Netflix Into A Virtual Video Ezy

They Transformed Netflix Into A Virtual Video Ezy

They did it. Those crazy bastards finally did. They transformed Netflix into a Virtual Video Ezy.

Why would you do this? Why?

This was the end result of a recent Netflix ‘Hack Day’ event, where Netflix gives its product development staff the day off from regular duties, to create something wild and experiment with new technology.

This guy. This guy took it too far. Reign us back in Netflix, the world is not ready for this. We can’t go back, we should never go back. Please

This ‘hack’ was created by Joey Cato, Adnan Abbas and Marco Caldeira and should be banished into a dimensional void where it is never seen or heard from again. It uses the HTC Vive.

Thankfully, Netflix had this to say:

As a reminder, while we think these hacks are very cool and fun, they may never become part of the Netflix product, internal infrastructure, or otherwise be used beyond Hack Day. That said, we wanted to share them with you to simply share the spirit of the event and our culture of innovation.

Alrighty then. Panic over.


  • The real question is why has it taken this long?

    The BEST part of video stores was browsing through the aisles, soaking up the unique plastic scent of the video store and looking through exciting box art, til you picked up the case and saw lacklustre video stills on the back and lost enthusiasm!

    It’s something we’ve lost, culturally, with the decline of the video store and it absolutely should be preserved!

    • For sure. I remember Plains Video in Carina, Brisbane as a kid in the early 90s. The horror section was actually an enclosed horror house they had built. A king kong paper mache held the ‘coming soon’ chalkboard and tvs littered the walls all playing different movies in different areas. It was a gigantic store, probably measured 30m x 40m. It was utterly gigantic when it first opened in 1989. I miss that place :/

      • I loved the Video Stores that where run by somebody who actually loved movies, and put the little touches into the place. Before all the chains bought them out and became almost clinical in the way they did things.

        • Agreed. That horror section was awesome. Black lighting, webs, fake spiders etc. It was the best. Kids section had a little toy section too with colouring books etc. Like you said its the little things.

    • There were always people who’d grab R rated movies out of the horror or “adult” sections and stick them on the shelf in the family / kids movies section. Good times.

    • … finding that perfect spot int the Sci-Fi section where you could pretend to be thoroughly browsing a single shelf, while actually peeking over into the Adult section.

  • Man I miss Video Ezy. Going along to Pizza Hut on a Friday night, placing an order then going across the road to pick up a trio of movies while it got ready. Or back beyond that when it would always be straight to the video games to pick out something to play, poring over all those colourful boxes.

    • Then seeing that the ones you want are “out” on rental only return the next week and its still out…. Then asking when it will be returned…. Then returning and finding the fucker hasn’t returned it….

  • I think the biggest thing on everyone’s mind is why haven’t they called it virtual Blockbuster

  • I’ll never understand people’s fascination with taking a simple, easy to use menu and then making it 10 times less productive by making a “real world” representation of it. I didn’t get Playstation Home, and I don’t really understand why you would want to use a VR video store unless you wanted to spend the next 5 hours hanging out in the ArtHouse section because you’re too young to be let into the 18+ area.

  • Now I kinda want them to expand it so you can drive from your house to the store, browse, rent and drive back home to watch it all in VR :-p

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