This Dark Souls 2 Animation Took So Long To Make It Came Out After Dark Souls 3

Hey this really cool and often times funny video is about Dark Souls 2.

Wait... Dark Souls 2?

Yes. Dark Souls 2.

That's weird.

Yes, I know it's weird. But Jameserton, the creator, apparently had this thing n purgatory for so long that he only recently got around to publishing it on YouTube. Good job it's funny, well-made and well worth watching regardless.

Also, for fans of the series, it's actually a lot of fun to be reminded of all the Dark Souls 2 moments you've most likely forgotten.


    This was actually amazing.

    MaatiMovie made me laugh far louder than it should have.

    Last edited 16/05/16 2:42 pm

    I only just started playing Dark Souls 2 on the weekend.

    I love the shaded woods part: "Why does everyone keep backstabbing me?!" "Because it's easy. ..and it does a lot of damage"

    I was ready to see what they could pull with the Shrine of Amana. I had hope that they would make a joke about pre-patch Shrine of Amana since they did lightning... but they didn't :'(

    Pretty gud though.

    I'm actually in the middle of replaying Dark Souls 2 and this is so fantastic in how it catches the aspect of each area.

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