This Is How You Make A PC Look Sexy

This Is How You Make A PC Look Sexy

If all Steam Boxes looked like this, they’d sell like hotcakes.

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It’s a case mod of a Gigabyte BRIX, a barebones mini-PC designed for the living room. But the BRIX has the coolness of an oversized power supply. ISO, Timpelay’s name for the case mod, looks like the kind of PC that belongs on a Babylon 5 set or the wing of the SSV Normandy.

For a unit that could comfortably sit on your coffee table or next to your TV, it’s surprisingly powerful. Here’s the full specs:

– Intel i7 4770R
– Intel Iris Pro 5200
– Samsung 850 EVO mSATA SSD – 250GB
– Corsair Vengeance DDR3L 2x8GB 2133MHz
– Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB
– 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi / Bluetooth 4.0

The Iris Pro won’t break any benchmarking records, but if you only want to play some Jackbox games in your living room or some Mount Your Friends every once in a while, it’ll do the job.

Cooling for the unit is taken care of with a 80mm Be Quiet Silent Wings 2 fan, along with a copper heatsink. Five circular aluminium discs make up the “case” for the build, while a transparent shell on the top lets people gawk at the cooling underneath.

It wasn’t completely a fan project — Gigabyte, Corsair and Samsung contributed parts to the build — but by God is it a nice piece of work. I wish I had the skills to trick out my Steam box at home like this. Then again, I’d probably end up wanting to make my whole house look nicer too.

You can check out more of Timpelay’s excellent work on Facebook.

All images courtesy of Timpelay


    • Well, how else are you meant to feed your PC?

      You can’t just download RAM, you gotta grow it.

    • I dont think it will be an issue. Judging from those pictures he is a meticulous cleaner so ‘dust and water’ will generally be a non issue.
      My old computer was in a fully closed case and still died to the great coffee spill of 2013.
      I think this PC is fantastic and innovative which is awesome because most people are too scared to give ‘out of the box’ design and thinking a go.
      GG OP

    • Yup, the big issue every computer design has: the cables. Apple did pretty well in that regard with their desktop computers, but for most companies their PCs’ have pretty decent aesthetics that are immediately ruined by the cables. Credit for the modding project though, it looks pretty slick for a custom built case.

  • it’s super cool looking but as others have said. You’d have to pretty much store it in a clean room (dust free labs ,etc)
    Maybe some clear acrylic or something so it’s still seethrough but keeps the dust out.

    • I think you are being too kind. Because it definitely looks like a butt plug.

      • I guess your butt may vary but the diameter looks like it’d be a bit of a tight fit…

        • I have watched a lot of videos on Pornhub and it’s totally possible.

  • “or some Mount Your Friends every once in a while” Wow, fun times 😛

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