This March Hare Cosplay Will Take You Down The Rabbit Hole

Last month one of the first rounds of Oz Comic Con's Championships of Cosplay was held in Adelaide and the winner was Lilla Bee with her March Hare costume. Since then she's taken advantage of the gorgeous Autumn colours down in South Australia to create some incredible photos.

All images via Steamkittens

The photos were shot by Adelaide photographer Steamkittens, who's also compiled a behind the scenes video from the shoot:

The design may not be that familiar to many, but like many winning costumes it's an original design by Japanese artist Sakizo. You can see the original artwork below.

Like a lot of Sakizo's artworks the original design is complicated to say the least, but somehow Lilla Bee has managed to bring it all together into something that looks amazing. Lilla Bee will be travelling to Brisbane later this year to compete in the finals of the Australian Championships of Cosplay.

Aus Cosplay is a regular feature that showcases the best local cosplay talent out of Australia and New Zealand.


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