This Radagast The Brown Cosplay Could Have Been Made By Weta

You might be forgiven for thinking that this was an official image from one of the Hobbit films, but it is in fact a cosplay. Yet not only is the cosplayer not a wizened old man, she's not actually a man at all. That's some SFX makeup at a level that belongs on the set of The Hobbit itself.

Images via Snap Happy Ian

The cosplayer is The Gridler, a woman with a long and impressive cosplay history, an obsession for Tolkien and a passion for prosthetic makeup. She's currently studying costume at New Zealand's Toi Whakaari Drama School, which might just explain why she's so good at this stuff.

This costume, made back in 2014, utilises oversized ears and an impressively crooked nose, along with some very neat facial hair. For me, it's the expression in her photos that really sells it, however. It's great to see cosplayers who really look like they're having fun in costume.

Oh, she's also done The Hobbit's Bombur as well, in case you want to be even more confused.

You can head over to her Facebook page to see what The Gridler looks like when she's not being a powerful wizard.

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