This Week In Games: Battleborn And The Cutest Most Disgusting Video Game Ever Made

It's the calm before the Uncharted storm, but Battleborn is out this week!

Also out this week: Push Me Pull You. That super weird, super cute video game about surgically stitched up humans playing sports.

It's pretty amazing.

Astral Domine (PC)

What is it? A HTC Vive game that looks pretty sweet. You explore the ruins of an ancient alien civilisation and shoot things. Should you care? Looks pretty good. Can imagine this being pretty spectacular in VR.

Battleborn (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

What is it? It's that new thing by Gearbox. The online first-person shooter with MOBA elements. Should you care? It's the biggest release this week, so why not? People seemed to enjoy the beta.

Hyposphere (PC)

What is it? This is a Marble Madness style game, except gorgeous looking. Should you care? The physics seem a little off, but I have a real love of this type of thing.

Pitfall Planet (PC)

What is it? A cute looking co-op puzzle game. Should you care? This looks super polished and seems to have great character and level design.

Push Me Pull You (PS4)

What is it? It's that body horror/sports game with stretching terrifying bodies that play football. Should you care? It's great. I played a bunch of the weekend with family and friends. It's a lot of fun. Highly recommend.

Positron (PC)

What is it? A strange futuristic racer that looks like Tron, but with interesting mechanics. Should you care? Looks pretty interesting actually.

Did we miss anything? Let us know below!


    Push Me Pull You is heaps of fun, and made here in Australia, to boot!

    They've stated that there are Australian servers for Battleborn, however they won't be active until after release.

    Also there's no indication on whether or not you can actually select them.

    Last edited 02/05/16 10:59 am

      Better be the beta was so bad every match red bar, so many assists barely any kills

        Ahh so that's why - I just thought I was really bad at it! Though I did get better as that night went on!

    SuperHot is out tomorrow for Xbone (whether Australia is included in that I'm unsure)

      Not Australia :(

        Yeah I am absolutely sick of this - especially when considering some of the shite that does make it onto the Australian store.

        I swear when I finally run down my Aus XboxCredit I am switching my region to the US and going that route - sick of dealing with the unresponsive XboxAustralia

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