Three Quick Tips For Fallout 4’s Big DLC, Far Harbor

Three Quick Tips For Fallout 4’s Big DLC, Far Harbor

So, you think you’re ready to to brave the fog and find Kasumi Nakano, eh? Well, we’ve got a couple of pointers that should help you on your journey. Image credit: Serum

FIRST OFF… this may seem obvious, especially given the trailer for Far Harbor, but! You absolutely must bring Nick Valentine with you. Some of the biggest payoffs/quests in Far Harbor’s story revolve around Nick, but for whatever reason, the game does let you play the DLC without him.

Have you lost Nick somewhere? Good news, at least if you’re on PC. There is a mod that will help you track down your companion, no matter what random-arse radioactive ditch you left them in.

At one point, Far Harbor actually offers you a permanent new companion, Old Longfellow. And while Old Longfellow has some great lines, I still wouldn’t trade him with Nick. Not for the DLC, anyway. If nothing else, make sure to have Nick with you when you enter/explore Acadia!

Second, you should bring whatever rad resistant gear you have with you. Power Armour works, the Hazmat suit works. Maybe you’ve got something else with rad resistance, whatever it is, take it with you — including chems, such as RadX and RadAway. The island of Far Harbor is inundated with radiation thanks to the fog, and that stuff adds up. Think of it as the extra New England version of The Glowing Sea, crabs and all.

Finally, prepare for actual skill checks. I know — I was shocked, but the game does give you lots of options depending on your character’s build. It might be worth bringing along some light gear that influences SPECIAL, in particular charisma, because that’s actually useful now.

Oh, and yeah. You should totally buy that Harpoon gun (if not Old Reliable) at the first vendor in the DLC. They’re both pretty cool.


    • I’m sure there lots of people like myself who are thinking of buying Lost Harbor, so a bit more information on why it was disappointing to you would be great.

      • It’s very short, there is this VR quest that is absolute torture to do the area is big but it’s very empty and feels like bloat to cover how small it all really is, the radiation is ridiculous. It is better then the first two but still not on 3 and NV level

        • Thanks for that. Wow… it sounds awful. Obviously I need more info to make up my own mind but those things you mention do not sound like a well-made expansion.

  • > Finishes a Fallout DLC in only a day
    > Is disappointed with the DLC
    You must be a hit with the ladies.

    • >Tries to troll
      >Nothing else better to do with life
      Must be a hit with the ladies

  • Personally, I was quite pleased to be able to resolve most things in the ‘Main DLC’plotline with talking and not guns first. Great change of pace, and also not having to wipe almost everyone out. Also good.

  • Minor Spoiler (re: Mysterious Serum)….

    Do not give the Mysterious Serum to the dying guy in the Doctor’s “clinic” in Far Habor town. Do not do it – you will not be able to get any more as you’ve broken the rule about sharing.

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