Tweak-Packed Long War Toolbox Mod Arrives For XCOM 2

Earlier this year Firaxis recruited the aptly-named Long War Studios to craft mods specifically for XCOM 2 and the most succulent fruit yet of their labours — the Long War Toolbox — has just arrived.

You can hit up the Steam Workshop to grab the mod, which provides the following enhancements to the original game:

  • Fully supported squads of up to 12 soldiers
  • Not Created Equally (Randomized initial stats)
  • Hidden Potential (Randomized level-up stats)
  • Red Fog (wounds cause stat losses),
  • Damage Roulette (wider range of damage from weapons).

The mod also provides access to a developer-only feature — auto-combat resolve:

This will activate a button in the squad select UI that lets the player automatically resolve a tactical combat with the currently selected squad instead of going on a mission. This is a Firaxis-coded debugging tool that we've made available to help modders, or people in a real hurry.

A read of the mod's comments reveals that it conflicts with a lot of other mods, so best to check compatibility before jumping in.

Long War Toolbox [Steam, via PCGamesN]


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