Twitch Streamer Apologises For Beating His Partner During Livestream

Twitch Streamer Apologises For Beating His Partner During Livestream

A streamer and prominent player within the NBA 2K16 community has publicly apologised this afternoon for beating his partner during a livestream.

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The scandal occurred over the past 24 hours with audio being uploaded to YouTube featuring a woman screaming and begging for her partner to stop beating her. That person was later identified as streamer joedaddy505, a well known YouTuber, Twitch streamer and NBA 2K16 player, who did not know the stream was live at the time.

Anna Merlan from Jezebel, who originally reported the story, describes the contents of the audio below — audio which has resulted in Joedaddy’s Twitch account being removed for “terms of service violations”.

TRIGGER WARNING: The below details an episode of alleged domestic violence and is highly disturbing.

The audio lasts about six minutes. The man being streamed from JoeDaddy’s account sounds extremely intoxicated and can be heard calling the woman a “bitch, a “whore” and a “slut,” making derogatory remarks about her vagina, and accusing her of cheating. She can be heard crying, screaming, and saying, “Get off me” and “I’m going to call the cops.” At times, she’s screaming so wildly it’s impossible to make out what she’s saying. It’s unclear whether the woman was also being sexually assaulted; many commenters on YouTube and Reddit have speculated that’s the case. After listening to the audio, we can’t rule it out.

Joedaddy was intoxicated during the incident and on a video downloaded from his YouTube channel by DramaAlert that has since been removed, he later tried to claim that “words got exchanged” and that “when females get involved, in the middle … like I said, two people man, dumb stuff happens bro”. “I never once laid my hand on anyone,” he added.

Joedaddy later confirmed that he did assault his partner, but tried to qualify his actions by referencing the recent death of his father, alcohol and that his partner struck him first.

Following the publication of Jezebel’s report, Twitch issued a statement:

We don’t comment on terms of service violations, but in regards to making reports to law enforcement, read on …
Twitch reaches out to appropriate law enforcement in cases where there is a credible threat of imminent physical harm or actual harm to others, and provides them with information sufficient to respond to the immediate incident to the extent we have it. We reserve the right to do so in our privacy policy. We do not provide PII of our users to other users or to law enforcement absent valid legal process. We inform users or law enforcement requesting information that: “We respond to requests for information or documents pursuant to validly issued and served subpoenas, warrants or court orders. We do not accept emailed or faxed service. Service must be completed via our agent for service of process.
Note that our privacy policy explains when we may disclose information to law enforcement as follows: Twitch may disclose User information if we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to comply with US state and federal laws (such as U.S. Copyright law) or other applicable laws around the world (for example, in the country of your residence); or respond to a court order, judicial or other government subpoena, or warrant in the manner legally required by the requesting entity.
Twitch also reserves the right to disclose User information that we believe, in good faith and after making reasonable enquiries, is appropriate or necessary to take precautions against liability to Twitch; protect Twitch from fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful uses; to investigate and defend ourselves against third-party claims or allegations to protect the security or integrity of the Twitch Service; or to protect the rights, property, or personal safety of Twitch, our Users, or others. We will notify you of these disclosures if we reasonably think we can do so legally and without harming the purpose of the disclosure.

A user with the same name has been a high-ranking member of the NBA 2K16 community as one of the players with the highest reputation for the game’s “Old Town” faction. JoeDaddy_505 can be seen on a billboard in a NBA 2K TV episode. The same user account was also an answer in an interactive segment in episode 26 where users were asked to identify the first Legend 5 player, although that episode has been pulled from 2K’s YouTube channel.

The reaction from the internet has been swift as well. While Joedaddy removed the majority of his social media accounts, responses continued to appear on his Instagram account. That account was later hacked and the gamer was doxxed, although information (which Jezebel found was false) about his ex-girlfriend, sister and mother were posted online. That’s been taken down and replaced with a note about how Joedaddy has been taken to a mental hospital. It’s not possible to verify whether that is the case, although photos supposedly from the same Instagram account are also floating around the internet showing self-harm.

Cross-checking from Jezebel found that the doxxed details were incorrect, although it serves as a lightning rod for vigilante justice. Perhaps more gruesome is the fact that the incident can be replayed in perpetuity until the videos are taken down from YouTube, the implications of which are disturbing enough as-is.

If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic violence, you can contact the Domestic Violence Hotline at 1800 656 463 or the 1800Respect national sexual assault, domestic and family violence hotline.


  • As much as I’d love to join the people crying for his blood, I really just hope his partner gets the help she needs.

    • Anyone who uses the word ‘Bro’ deserves to be bled so go ahead and join the others who want his blood. He looks and sounds like a douche.

    • What the fuck is the point of an apology if you don’t turn yourself in to authorities and confess?

  • Who the fuck doxxes fake information. I mean doxxing is a load of BS as it is but when there is now fake details you have some poor innocent sap who is being set up for vigilante justice.

  • Well, I listened to the audio. It sounds an awful lot like rape. Fucking piece of shit scumbag needs to get arrested and charged.

    • I’ll take your word for that. You have a stronger stomach than I. No way I could listen to that.

      • I’m in the same boat, I feel sick enough hearing about this sort of thing, I don’t need to hear it for myself.

      • Yeah, I respect that. I have an investigative nature I guess. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it honestly, and with some people defending it as a prank initially I wanted to know for myself. It was very unpleasant.

    • I had to listen to it for myself and you are right. The language that got thrown out did seem to imply something else was happening.

      Now I’m off to watch cat videos for the next hour to stop myself feeling this horrible.

  • Twitch Streamer Apologises For Domestic Violence against His Partner During Livestream

    Really what the title of the article should be, as yeah ‘beating’ is a also a term used for winning in a game….

    • Actual accurate title: Twitch Streamer Apologises for Leaving Livestream Running During Domestic Violence Against His Partner

  • The way I read this is “sorry I upset you by doing it when you could hear, I’ll make sure I stick to drunkenly beating her offline next time”.

    • “I apologise you guys caught me doing something I normally do in private. Next time, I’ll make sure my microphone isn’t on when I’m beating my partner to death.”

  • I regret hearing the audio, I hope this human gets punished. Not sure how the law works when it comes to audio files though. I’ve only read a few pieces about this incident and none mention follow up on behalf of the partner in regards to actually calling the police or similar.

    So fucked up. He calls her a slut the whole time, almost sounds like he’s justifying his actions to himself. You can hear him hit her. Several times. Apologies don’t count in this situation.

    Absolutely sickening… The uploaded video has someone capturing it in real time. They LAUGH at certain points… I know I searched for and listened to this unbelievingly but I didn’t find it funny, it disturbed me. Don’t look for the audio, trust that it’s bad.

    • I’ll second that as well. I’ve been trying to unhear the audio — or at least distract myself so much that I can forget — for most of the day. I can’t. It’s awful. If you have an option, if you’re sensitive to abuse in any form or if you don’t want to hear the sounds of distress, for the love of fucking God do not listen to the audio.

      • Seconding this, it needs more upvotes. It’s not a prank, it’s not a joke, it’s not ambiguous in any way, as some of his defenders have been claiming. It is very real and very bad.

        @pixel_ghost, I saw that one too. I can only hope they were laughing as an ‘I don’t know how to react to this’ kind of shock (which I’ve seen people do before and it’s understandable) because it wasn’t fucking funny.

        • The initial laugh sounded more like it was in reaction to how he sounded when slurring out “bro” (or was that “bruh”?) in the beginning, another one seemed more like shock at hearing him call her a “loose-ass bitch” I think. To give benefit of the doubt.

          Though yeah, it didn’t really sound like there was a lot of beating going on, I think there was only one part I caught that sounded like him hitting her. Either way, it sounds like he needs to get put away good and proper.

        • I can only hope they were laughing as an ‘I don’t know how to react to this’ kind of shock

          Yeah I get that. The offender was doing a live stream so I see how people might initially think it’s a “joke/prank”. A terrible one.

        • I completely agree, Zombie Jesus! I know I’m over 2yrs after your reply, I literally only just bumped into this and hard the audio. The one with the laughing which made me even MORE sick to my stomach.

          But I’m replying this late because I saw in once of the comments that he has/had defenders that said this was a joke or prank?!? NO WAY. There is no way she could act those screams, sobs and cries. I know from personal experience. I was raped as a teenager then recently I finally had the courage with the help of my moms to kick out my very abusive (now ex) boyfriend of seven years. He was not only emotionally and physically abusive, but sexually, as well. So I know what that sounds like, as far as what they tend to say. Scarily enough, this JoeDaddy505 said a lot of things very similar to what my ex-boyfriend would say when he’d assault me. One of his favorite words, along with whore, stupid and broken, was c**t. He also truly loved to choke me.

          But I was also shocked and horrified by the people listening while it was being recorded in real time… Repeating what JoeDaddy was saying and laughing?! And I found myself yelling “Why aren’t you dialing 911? ! Find a way to get the cops to her!” It just made me so angry, I wanted to punch them! I wanted to hear, “We’re keeping it recording for evidence sake, but he’s, we’ve called the police! ”
          If they didn’t call the police immediately, or at all and didn’t get charged with accessory? Then I hope they are haunted by horrid night terrors for the rest of their lives for being just awful human beings. Nasty human beings to sit there, listening to that poor woman being beaten and raped and belittled and laughing. They’re disgusting!

          I hope she’s healing, doing as okay as she possibly can be and becoming a survivor! ????

          • I’m sorry to hear what happened to you, that’s really awful. I’m glad you managed to get out of that situation, hopefully things are going better for you now.

  • “Yes I had to do what I did.”

    Bloody hell that is sickening. He’s not sorry for assaulting his partner. He’s sorry he forgot to turn his mike off.

    • Pretty much how I read the title.
      Twitch streamer apologises for beating his partner during livestream, were it not for the livestream, I wouldn’t have apologised because I wouldn’t have been caught.

  • Anyone that tries to justify assault of any kind with a line like “she hit me first and called me a bitch so yes I had to do what I did” deserves absolutely no sympathy and shouldn’t be given anything other than their basic legal rights. Seriously fuck that guy, what kind of horrible person could put that line in what I think was meant to be an apology (although the only thing he’s appologising for is the fact that he got caught), let alone commit an assault like that in the first place.

    While I understand and share the anger towards this individual, what the hell is wrong with people doing this below?
    That account was later hacked and the gamer was doxxed, although information (which Jezebel found was false) about his ex-girlfriend, sister and mother were posted online.
    I don’t understand why the internet has this horrifying reaction that so often involves seeking out relations and friends (or in this case faking the information?) of the people involved. Isn’t that just evil to terrorize the relations of someone who did something awful; as though they had anything to do with it? I mean you’re handed evidence of a despicable act and you decide to do something despicable in response? Grow up internet, collect the evidence and hand it in to the relevant law enforcement agencies if you want to do something, don’t attack the relatives.

    This whole thing just leaves a horrible taste in my mouth and I can only hope that Law enforcement and Social Services are arresting and helping the relevant parties.

    • Not that hard to understand, just going after things important to him – friends, family, possessions etc doesn ‘t need to be pure justice when anonymity is involved. Just completely counter intuitive when it also involves the innocent.

  • Lets at least hope this can trigger some support/assistance for the poor girl involved and she can GTFO of there and move on with HER life without him anywhere near her or anyone else ever again.

    Maybe Karma is real, maybe its not. But if it is then I hope the Karma train comes hard for him (if the allegations are true of course)

  • Sounds like his more sorry that he got caught, just wow. Hopefully the girlfriend gets the help she needs.

  • Holy crap…listened to the audio. Anyone who can do that to a woman needs to be locked up and removed from society. Get rid of this scum.

  • I haven’t listened to the audio yet, but the way he’s attempted to justify his actions is textbool of an abuser. Clearly he has severe psychological and psychiatric problems.

    Bloody horrible. This kind of thing really gets to me. Makes my blood run cold. He deserves to be either in jail or a place for the criminally insane. He could have killed her perhaps and who’s to say he won’t in the future? I have witnessed this sort of horrible stuff in real life and the sound of a person getting beaten while struggling is one of the most horrific sounds I have ever heard. How a person could do this to another, let alone their parter is terrifying.

    He needs to be locked up and she needs to get help asap. I truly and sincerely hope this is the last time he ever lays his hands on a woman.

    • You realize “trigger” here doesn’t refer to internet SJWs right?

      Trauma trigger (also known as trauma stimulus) is a medical term, referring to incidents that can force traumatic memories to resurface. As the names implies, it is meant for victims of traumatic experiences. Be it rape, abuse, torture, war, witnessing the death of a loved one, etc.

      This is because memories gained from traumatic experiences are stored in different parts of the brain from regular memory. This means that unlike regular memories, the victim has no control on traumatic memories. They are recalled involuntarily by stimuli (triggers), and can often be so intense that the victim feels like they are actually reliving those moments. These are known as flashbacks and is a diagnostic criteria for sufferers of PTSD.

      In this case, hearing the audio of someone being raped could potentially cause a flashback in victims of similar incidents.

  • “she hit me first and called me a bitch so yes I had to do what I did”

    What a fucking cunt he is

  • People do some dumb shit sometimes. Some more than others. Let’s hope it was a one-of-a-kind incident in both these people’s lives, let’s move on with our own and wish them all the best. Righteous anger won’t help anyone.

    • One of a kind incident? This kind of thing doesn’t happen randomly and out of the blue. When it does happen in that manner it’s completely whacko like the Kalamazoo shooting. This is not that. This man needs to go to jail.

      • “This kind of thing doesn’t happen randomly and out of the blue.””This kind of thing doesn’t happen randomly and out of the blue.””This kind of thing doesn’t happen randomly and out of the blue.””This kind of thing doesn’t happen randomly and out of the blue.””This kind of thing doesn’t happen randomly and out of the blue.”

        this kind of thing definitely can and does happen out of the blue.

        don’t know what planet you were raised on, but here on Earth random violence occurs with alarming frequency.

        rather than wishing them the best and hoping that they both move on with their lives in a productive, respectful manner, you’d rather have this man put in the for-profit criminal creator?

        you are scum. you are the kind of person that cares not for the crime, for the perpetrator and their hopes of doing better, or the victim, but would just like to see someone punished for the fuck of it and hope they rot in the cell. real human of you. and instead of hoping for the best, you choose to assume the worst. says a lot about you.

          • so educate me. prove this never happens randomly and out of the blue and why i should do anything but hope that this was a one-time situation for both of these poor kids and i’ll withdraw my position.

        • I’m going to assume you haven’t listened to the audio of the incident, because I don’t know how you could actually call it “assuming the worst” after having done so.

  • I don’t really understand the drunken violence thing. I’ve known several people who struggle with anger + alcohol and my alcoholic mother would get emotionally abusive when she drank. I just can’t fathom it because I hate seeing people get hurt. When I drink, I get uber relaxed and I send a bunch of texts to my friends telling them how much they mean to me and eventually end up getting really sad about the Star Wars prequels.

    • Alcohol dumbs your brain down, clears out the inhibitions you’d normally have that would say “Hey, this is fucking stupid, don’t do it”. It’s not changing someone, it’s showing them for who they really are.

      • who you are is your inhibited you – the you that would say “wait, this IS fucking stupid” – that’s you. Not the disinhibited prick who’s drunk – that’s people at their worst, not who they really are.

        it sounds like you’ve had parents (or someone else important in your life) that were drunks or users. so did i. grow up, get over it and brush the chip off your shoulder.

        • No, that’s actually not true, I never knew anyone with an alcohol problem. My mother is a terrible parent though. And trust me, I’ve grown up, I’m in full-swing with a great career in IT, but that chip is probably going to be there for a long time to come. Scars heal slowly. I’m just happy to know that I’m probably making about ten times as much money as my mother ever did at any point in her life and that I have left her far, far behind.

          And I fully stand by my statements. If you act like a complete monster while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you ARE a complete monster on the inside. I have dabbled in drugs and have had my fair share of alcohol and so have all of my friends. Not a single one of them turned into a violent, angry rapist all of a sudden. Normal people don’t beat people while they’re under the influence.

          • “No, that’s actually not true, I never knew anyone with an alcohol problem.” That’s precisely why it might be hard for you to understand that alcohol can make people act in extreme ways that are normally against their nature.

          • Not really. Alcohol doesn’t make anyone act “against their nature”. Neither do drugs. Like I’ve said, I’ve tried both in plenty. A fun, happy go lucky girl or guy doesn’t go and beat someone to death because they had a drink.

            If you have an alcohol problem, you’ve got issues. You can’t have an alcohol problem without a life problem. With a life problem comes anger, resentment, frustration, and depression. Impaired judgement mixed with the above emotions is a recipe for total disaster.

            Like I said previously, a normal person does not beat people when they’re under the influence.

          • Well, for someone who knows no one with an alcohol problem, you seem to be a bit of an authority on people with alcohol problems, just sayin. I completely disagree with you, alcohol and drugs mess with your mind, they are mind altering, intoxicating substances that y’know, alter the mind. People in altered states usually display altered behaviour. Certainly people can sometimes, as you say, act in ways that are amplifications of traits or feelings they have when sober, but that’s just one aspect of alcohol/drugs.

          • I’ll agree that circumstances can be different from person to person but anything someone says or does while intoxicated is venting internal feelings, good or bad. It’s not like alcohol is a hallucinogenic substance. I’ll just drop the subject there then and we can agree to disagree on things.

  • “I had to do what I did” words of a true sociopath. hope he dies in an agonizing way.

  • I listened to the whole thing. Throughout the video there are definitely sign of rape. Breathing at the end of the tape was very repetitive and her screams were muffled towards the end. I agree I am very angry but this man seems to have some sort of psychological issues. He needs to be put away. His girlfriend on the other hand is very damaged this kind of abuse you just don’t get away from and recover. She loved this “man” and the traumatic abuse caused from rape committed by the partner is on a whole new level of psychological damage. I feel for her.

  • the guys at the Falling Awake Podcast did an episode on this, actually. Freaking scary stuff. It’s disturbing, truly disturbing hearing the audio. Thoughts and prayers are definitely with this girl. The guy can go die for all I care.

    Here’s that podcast:

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