Uncharted 4 Has A Trophy For Recreating The Faulty E3 Demo

Last year during E3, hundreds of thousands watched as Nathan Drake walked into a Madagascar market and then... froze in place thanks to a controller error. Now, you can do it yourself. There are a few funny trophies in Uncharted 4, which came out for PS4 yesterday, but my favourite is "Stage Fright", which requires you to stand still for 30 seconds a la Bruce Straley's live E3 demo last year. Who would have thought? The folks at PS4Trophies show it off in the video above.

Another good one: Ludonarrative Dissonance, which you can get by killing 1000 enemies. (See: Clint Hocking's blog.)


    Um, that's a hidden trophy...

      Dude, this is Kotaku, where spoilers flow like cheap wine at a Spanish fiesta.

      Do people actually consider hidden trophies being revealed "spoilers"? I honestly wouldn't of thought anyone would be that determined to 100% a game through pure discovery.

    Any company willing to poke fun at themselves is a good company. Well played Naughty Dog, well played.

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