Uncharted 4 Is A Goddamn Gorgeous Video Game

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.

Neither is this video, which features a well-edited mix of Uncharted 4 cut-scenes, scenery porn and some clever use of the game's phenomenal photo mode.

Honestly, I seriously hope that PlayStation VR allows you to enter Uncharted 4's photo mode and just live there for the rest of time. I want to live that life.


    Looks fantastic.

    Although what that really reminds me of is how much I miss the Uncharted theme music. I don't understand why they didn't bring it back for Uncharted 4 when all 3 previous games had it. First time I put the disc in, I was really looking forward to it loading up to a title screen with that familiar theme music playing over the top. Instead, I just got to stare at a corpse in a cage. In silence :(

    I think its the best looking game I've played ever. The detail and breadth of scenery is amazing.

    It does look great but there's something gone wrong with my PS. The whole screen is constantly covered with loads of 2cm vertical black lines that look like falling rain. Have tried different displays, HDMI, screen settings and they just went go away :(

      Is that only when playing Uncharted 4? Or just all the time?

      I had a weird audio issue with Uncharted 4 that didn't show up with any other games where it was only outputting audio in 2ch stereo instead of using the home theatre surround sound. Turns out there was a setting in my amp which tells it to output to both the TV AND the amp's own surround sound speakers. Presumably the PS4 was seeing this and Uncharted thought it should just output the 2ch audio for the TV instead of the surround sound for the amp. Once I changed that setting to amp only, not TV, then it worked fine. May be worth poking around the settings in your amp in case there's something there that is interfering with it that you're unaware of?

        Thanks mate. I've had it running through a Yamaha receiver on my projector, a Yamaha sound projector on my TV and direct to the TV and the issue still persists. Is very annoying. Posted on Naughty Dog but no reply. Thanks for your comment.

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