Uncharted 4's Sound Design Is Almost As Impressive As Its Visuals

When you think of Uncharted you think visuals. You think insane vistas, incredible views, perfect lighting. In short, you think of the visuals because Naughty Dog are real wizards in that department.

But what about the other side of that coin — that which you are not supposed to notice?

What about the sound design?

What about it? Well, if this video is anything to go by, Naughty Dog put the same amount of effort into making the sound as seamless as the visuals. The only difference: the job of sound design is to make the player forget that sound design exists. A thankless task to be sure.

That's the interesting part of sound design I think, and it's something that Naughty Dog's designers discuss in this short documentary. Well worth watching.


    The sound is great but the volume is really low. I have to have the volume a lot higher than other games to get it at the same level. Any one else experiencing this?

      The game has adjustable dynamic range settings - just hop into the menu and reduce the dynamic range :) This will narrow the gap between loud sections and quiet ones. Personally I loved having the option to open up the dynamic range! But that's really for speakers - headphones are better suited to narrow range.

    I've been playing with headphones on and have definitely noticed the sound design in the jungles. Top notch stuff!

    I popped on some headphones when exploring Libertalia - the jungle sounds are amazing

    Only real complaint I've got so far is that the dialogue can be too quiet in relation to the rest of the audio. You can tweak the various sliders to make it a bit louder and the other stuff a bit quieter, but you wouldn't think that should be necessary. Possible it's just my audio setup at home, though, rather than an issue with the game - the default settings might work better if I had better gear?

    Oh boy did I notice the great & immersive audio upon booting up the game for the first time last night & playing through the first 4 chapters. Decent set-up certainly helps; PCM to amp (direct mode) with DT-990 Cans. Looking forward to the rest of the game.

    Naughty Dog's audio options actually let me know that my PS4 wasn't outputting 5.1 to my headphones. I've got a pair of Turtle Beach X31 (I think..?) which I use my Sennheiser 280 Pros on. I didn't realize I needed to use a different setting on the PS4 to get true 5.1 with them until I trouble-shot it... which after some searching I was able to do with the help of a page on Naughty Dog's website.

    So thank you Naughty Dog for fixing my sound as well as making Uncharted 4 take full advantage of it.

      Hey, what setting did you set? Also is your headset connected by usb?

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