Virtual Prison Does Not Sound Like A Fun Afternoon

Virtual Prison Does Not Sound Like A Fun Afternoon

Companies like Facebook aren't pouring billions into VR just for games. They see the wider possibilities for the tech. As do media outlets like The Guardian, who have released a VR app called 6x9 that simulates the "psychological damage of extreme isolation" in a solitary confinement prison cell.

"Right now, more than 80,000 people are in solitary confinement in the US", The Guardian says. "They spend 22-­24 hours a day in their cells, with little to no human contact for days or even decades. We invite you into this world."

It's for phones, and while you don't need an accessory like Google Cardboard (you can just watch it in 2D if you like), that would certainly help with the whole VR thing. 6x9 is available for both Android and iOS.


    Sure, prison cells can get a little lonely, but you gotta think of the positives!

    You get free food, free education, and guaranteed work when you leave.

      I know you are trollinh, but guaranteed work??

        Well, if you're white, guaranteed in the same sense that Universities and TAFE guarantee a future...

        However, if you're indigenous, then they'll put you in a job such as gardening, property maintenance, etc. Ones where you work in large groups + a supervisor.

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