VR Lets You Wait For A Catbus With Totoro

VR Let's You Wait For A Catbus With Totoro

For the past couple of years, British studio Fire Panda have been working on something that might just sell a few VR headsets to those not currently interested in games: small virtual tours through some of Studio Ghibli's most famous movies.

Via The Daily Dot, they have one for Totoro (the famous bus stop scene), Spirited Away (the boiler room) and Howl's Moving Castle (the fields outside the house).

They're not particularly interactive, since all you do is walk around, but hey, for loads of people — like me/my kids — that's still pretty awesome.

Here's hoping that when VR really takes off, Ghibli can maybe do (or at least licence) something a little more official.

If you've got a VR headset for your PC and want to try these out, there are download links at Fire Panda's site.


    VR Totoro would be dangerous....first thing I'd do is try to run and hug it...then I'd crash into a wall

      If you could position Totoro in a position in VR that corresponds to the position of your couch in real life then you could have a nap on top of him.

        Finally! A use for a life-sized Totoro plushie!

          If you had a life-sized Totoro plushie then you probably wouldn't need the VR Totoro and a couch :P

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