Watch Me Talk About Uncharted's Climbing On Good Game

As a result of my stupidly self-indulgent review of Uncharted 4's dramatically improved climbing, Good Game invited me over to talk on their YouTube show Good Game: Pocket.

So if you feel like listening to me talk about all things video game climbing, click to roughly four minutes into this video and set your ears to "Scottish".

Or just watch the show from beginning to end because Good Game: Pocket is really cool and you should watch it.




      The shows better without him. Considering how much longer it's been running. Nothing against Jung I think he's great but the show didn't go belly up with his departure

        Great GG podcast with Janet this week where she reflects on Jungs departure and uncategorically kills off his "They wanted a girl" rubbish.

        I think GG is hitting its stride now - the addition of Pocket is just fantastic.

    Things I learnt from this interview:

    1. Mark loves it.
    2. His back is oddly ripped and his arms are apparently puny thanks to the Scottish art of Porridge.
    3. Apparently his back looks like some strange giant vagina...
    4. Daniel Radcliffes not too shabby at interviewing...

    Last edited 12/05/16 5:50 pm

      bigger arms would mean more mass to carry, and back is the prime mover in nearly every rock climbing movement, so it goes without saying that he'd have lats for days.

        latissimus dorsi!!!!

        He screams this every day after practicing while staring into the mirror, like a Harry Potter spell...

        Big arms seems to help a lot of the other guys at the gym thrash their way through though :P

    This must be a skinny guy thing... porridge soothes me

      Porridge with warm chocolate milk. I'm not saying it tastes great... but it pretty much tastes great :)

        ... How have I never done this?

        Am I really alive? Have I actually lived? Existential crisis...

        Mother of God ... you have revolutionised the humble oat!

          And destroyed any nutritional value in the meantime lol

    Had never seen good game before. Very entertaining. And serrels seems like a nice guy.

      Don't be fooled! Serrels hates Tim Tams, all movies, and pretty much everything that isn't porridge. Seriously. Who hates a Tim Tam?

      Watch the older episodes first. Do not be swayed by the Dark Side.

      Although Nichboy is pretty entertaining.

      Last edited 12/05/16 8:21 pm

      Or as we used to refer to him before he got ripped "NotSimonPegg"

    Has to be said again......back vagina, secondly the saboteur had climbing albeit rather clunky, great game however

    Curious why that VR rock-climbing game wasn't mentioned or evaluated in this interview..

      Yeah I thought it odd that they didn't bring that up at all. But I guess we'll be seeing an evaluation once Mark gets his Rift, for sure.

    i've now got "Vagina back" sung in the tune of "mahna mahna" repeating in my head now...

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