Watch Nvidia's New Graphics Card Reveal Live

At 11AM AEST, Nvidia will (almost certainly) introduce its new Pascal video cards to the hardcore gaming world, with a special event live from the US, and the promise of something more than just new GPUs as well. Here's where you can watch along.

Watch live video from NVIDIA on

If you want to watch the Twitch stream, click on the embedded video above or head to to follow along with Twitch chat integration; it's not live quite yet but the event starts at 11AM so streaming should be up and ready shortly beforehand.

We're expecting at least two graphics cards to be revealed at the very least, and likely the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 high-end and mid-range parts that most cashed-up gamers would be considering splashing out their cash for. But we've also been hearing rumours around the traps that Nvidia has something else to show off, too...

The First Rumoured Benchmarks For Nvidia's New Cards Appear

Gizmodo travelled to Austin as a guest of Nvidia.


    *Tries to scream through gritted teeth*

    But I just bought a graphics card!

      I know... it feels batman...
      (*me stuck with r9 280x playing overwatch feeling remotely fine until hearing this news)

      Recently bought a 390. Whelp, good thing I only play old games.

    So the unseen tech is instagram for games? It looks interesting, but not something I'd personally use.

    The VR Sound thingie sounds great, but it looks like you may want a 2nd GPU to handle the audio now...

    1080 is USD599, 1070 is USD379 , bith supposedly faster than the Titan X for games. May 27th and June 10th availability.

    They won't be able to make enough of these things.

    Last edited 07/05/16 12:26 pm

      Why on earth would people need a 2nd just for audio, wouldnt a sound card be better?

    They have reveals for graphics cards?!?

      Of course

    Absolutely. There's an article on Kotaku all about it. You should check it out.

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