Watch One Of Dark Souls 3's Toughest Bosses Go Down In One Hit

This is cathartic.

I feel good watching this. This makes me feel good.

Obviously it's subjective. I've beaten bosses that others struggled with first or second go (like the Abyss Watchers) but others, like this Pontiff Sulyvahn bastard, took me a decent amount of time.

So I'm watching this video, where YouTuber neptunusequester just wrecks in one goddamn hit, and I'm feeling a mix of jealousy and joy. On the one hand I'm like HOW. On the other hand I'm like "yeah, take that you [insert expletive here]".

Either way, this is amazing. I'm still trying to work out precisely how he pulled it off. It looks like a series of buffs stacked on top of one another, combined with a very precise set of gear and rings.

Thank you neptunusequester, you're the hero we need right now.


    *cracks knuckles*

    OK. So this area. I want to move past it but it's because Pontiff/the next boss after him are so well, like Dark Souls bosses, I don't want to, kinda.

    If I beat him/you know who's next is there still decent areas for multiplayer?

    I'm refraining from advancing because I'm spoilt by the choices I have in these zones. I can choose to summon, invade, OR be summoned/invaded.

    The swamp seemed to be PvP for the early-game, and this area seems to be the unofficial duelling hotspot for the mid-game.

    Basically what I'm saying is I don't want a Dark Souls game to end. I know I know.

      I found it very hard to finish the last zone of the game as I didnt want the game to end. I ended up procrastinating by making other characters and doing co-op/pvp.

        The game doesn't end when you kill the last boss. It asks you if you want to start NG+, but you can say no and just continue to explore and dies horribly.

      The post pontiff area is a big place for PvP at SL50ish and 100ish. It's unofficially the fight club area.

      The Pontiff arena basically is the unofficial dueling arena.

      The area after him (or two areas after him, depending on your path) is also a guaranteed invasion zone, as it's a Covenant area.

      The "meta" for PvP in any case is supposedly SL100-120ish, so you shouldn't have any problem finding duels in the Pontiff arena unless you go too far over this range.

      Kill this boss and welcome to a PVP hot house. It is kinda like the forest area for Dark souls

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    Kotaku Fight Club then?

    Pick a day/time and off we go.

    Pretty sure Nameless king was one of the hardest bosses in the game. That is just my opinion.

      I struggled with him the most. Actually his mount was the problem. I just couldn't get the camera right.

      I think it comes down to play style. Most of the bosses I've found easy have been the hard ones and I think it's because normal people are better at the game than me. I roll and stab. I don't parry, block or anything fancy like that. When it comes to bosses like Pontiff where rolling and stabbing are your only options the average Dark Souls player has to adapt but I just go at him like any other enemy. Playing aggressively like I do is awful most of the time but on these bosses it works really well.
      The flip side is the easy bosses where you're expected to block screw me up. If I have to do anything other than circle the boss, stab it when there's an opening and dodge when the animation is right I'm hopeless.

        Yeah the camera angles for that boss were horrible I think that is what they meant to do thus making it difficult lol.
        But yeah I hear you I didn't actually find any of the bosses overly difficult and sadly I found that the last boss was probably the easiest unfortunately, probably because of the 20 hours of practice leading up to it.

    Was expecting a tough boss. Suylvahn is a pushover. Especially if you're melee. Stand on top of him, and his clown will spawn on top of him and stay on top of him and teleport with him. then whack him in the butt with your pointy stick.

      Now I'm imagining this person following the Pontiff around with brightly coloured hair, a red nose, baggy clothes and suspenders leaping in the air comically each time you poke them in the butt with a pointy stick.

    I've been wondering if someone would find a way to one shot bosses. It always amazes me how some people have a knack for being able to do the calculations required to work out the most powerful combinations of gear.

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    From what I can see...

    Red Tear Stone Ring for increased damage at critical health.
    Sunlight Straight Sword using it's Weapon Art
    Deep Protection for increased damage.
    Dragon Torso Stone for +10% damage
    Yhorm's Great Machete (plus it's buff)
    Morrian Blade for increased damage at critical health.

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