Watch Us Play The First Hour Of Uncharted 4 

Watch Us Play The First Hour Of Uncharted 4

Video: Want to get a taste of Nathan Drake's final adventure? You've come to the right place. Today, Kotaku editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo and I livestreamed our playthrough of Uncharted 4's opening chapters. You can catch up below. Enjoy the ride: as you'll soon see in the footage below, Uncharted remains as thrilling as it has ever been.

Here's part two:


    Got all excited for Uncharted 4. Went to Big W, "Sorry, the shipment never arrived". Ran down to Target, "Sorry, it was scheduled to come in yesterday but never arrived"

    Now I have to wait until lunchtime to hope that JB Hifi get their shipment in and aren't sold out or I'm going to have a whole night without Mrs duties and no Uncharted 4.

      I was given several JB vouchers for my birthday back in November. I set one of them aside specifically for Uncharted 4. Today, it finally comes out. And guess who forgot to bring his JB voucher to work? :(

      $79 on the playstation store... Do it ;)

        Tempting, but it's $69 at Big W and Target

          Lol i know... I had an impulsive moment last night and did it

          Couldnt wait any longer!!! But then i only got about an hour in so im still feeling like im waiting today!!!

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