What's The Cheapest Copy Of Overwatch In Australia?

Okay, so Overwatch is coming out tomorrow. You're probably thinking about buying it. You have options. Multiple options, but which is the cheapest?

Let's start with digital...


You can, of course, do the easy thing and buy it digitally. We might even recommend that if you can't be bothered leaving the house.

PC: $AU69.95 PS4: $AU99.95 Xbox One: $AU99.95

Big W

Big W is selling the game online for a little less than the RRP. A full sixteen dollars cheaper than digital for the console versions of the game.

PS4: $AU84 Xbox One: $AU84

JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-Fi are doing a good deal of Overwatch at the minute. But considering the PC version is cheaper digitally I might have expected the PC version to be a little cheaper than the console versions, which it isn't...

PC: $AU79 PS4: $AU79 Xbox One: $AU79

EB Games

As always EB Games isn't excactly reporting any great sale prices, but you can usually convince them to price match if you've been leveling your 'charm' stat.

PC: $AU89.95 PS4: $99.95 Xbox One: $99.95


OzGameShop is pretty cheap for the console versions of Overwatch.

PS4: $AU82 Xbox One: $AU82


But surprise, here come the Gamesmen, in at the death with perhaps the best Overwatch price I've seen so far. Also comes with the bonus of supporting one of the last few independent games retailers in Australia. Feels good man.

PC: $AU78 PS4: $AU78 Xbox One: $AU78

Anyone seen anything cheaper? Let us know in the comments.


    Isn't the PC version of Overwatch just $70 AUD on the Blizzard store? For the regular version.

      Yup normal version is $69.95 AUD

        says 89.00 Aud on blizzard store

          The $89.95 one is the Origins edition, which it takes you to by default.. which is pretty dodgy. To get to the $69.95 one, you have to go to the 'all Overwatch products' page to see it.

        Where is that located Point?

      Yep, apologies when I checked Battle.net website it had $90 for some reason. Must have done something wrong. Fixed.

        It's because on the battle.net store when you click Overwatch they automatically direct you to the origins edition

        That $89.95 is the Origins edition which has the extra skins and stuff. $69.95 is the standard edition.
        But considering the PC version is cheaper digitally I might have expected the PC version to be a little cheaper than the console versions

        This is because JB's price for the physical PC copy is the Origins edition. So, for $10 more than the digital standard edition, you get the Origins edition which is usually $20 more ($89.95).

        So really the PC version isn't cheaper digitally, because it isn't a direct comparison. All physical copies (console and PC) are the Origins edition. Can only get the non-origins (Standard) edition through battle.net on PC.

        You're comparing regular prices to Origin edition prices here Mark :/

    uuuuh it comes out this week? Which is pay week for me, why is it doing this too me? If it came out in a nonpay week I'd probably not pick it up for a while!!!

    Yeh.. not much price difference between things.. MightyApe has it SLIGHTLY cheaper on PC.. it looks a lot cheaper but then you need to factor in another $5 shipping, so only ends up a few bucks cheaper. I would much prefer to buy digital simply because I don't want physical clutter.. It's a shame there's no real discounts to be had in the digital marketplaces. $90AUD is simply too much for me to swallow right now, so looks like I will be waiting for a sale.

    I was originally going to chastise Mark for tempting me with this kind of article, since I splurged on Doom and Uncharted already and really don't need to be buying another full price Triple A game for now.

    But looking at those prices, I think I can wait.

    My wallet is pleased.

    Mightyape.au has it for $68 aud

      Plus $4.95 shipping. So.. not much difference, and then you need to wait for it to be shipped.. probably better to find the cheapest retailer and get JB Hifi to price-match, then cough up the extra price of a coffee and buy it locally.

    I got it from oz game shop for $72

      Using player points? I just noticed they seem to have changed the transaction limit so you need to spend more to redeem a discount.

    Usually follow blizzard games but didnt this time.. is thwre going to be more game modes and maps at launch? The maps i can live woth but the game modes got boring fast.

      Not at launch, everything from the beta is what you'll get, maybe with a couple of balance changes/bug-fixes but not sure about that at this point. Ranked mode should be in pretty quick though - they said they were doing a last minute re-work on it, hoping to get it back in ASAP.

      Apparently they do have new heroes and maps planned to release this year (post-launch).

    I still can't justify buying it at that price range.

      Why not.

        Because it's $70 dollars standard for 3 game modes and a dozen maps. Yes, there is characters to choose from but for me, there isn't enough content for the price tag

          Guess so.

    I got it from cdkeys (online retailer). $68 For the Origins Edition (couldn't resist the Overgrown Bastion skin).

    I've used them in the past and they have been fine, just don't expect your key until release day.

      The beta really drove up the price, I paid 49 AUD for the origins edition on cdkeys about 3 days before the beta.

    I think the $69 digital copy from the blizzard store is the best option at the moment. I was hoping stores would start selling the normal version for less than $69 closer to release date. They still might.

    Apparently you can also buy the regular version for $55 from the taiwan Battle.net store:
    and just change your region after purchase. I already had mine pre-ordered elsewhere when a friend mentioned that one though so haven't tried it myself.

    Last edited 23/05/16 12:40 pm

      Does it accept Mastercard though? I don't have PayPal

        Just make one? Only takes a few minutes and is always handy.

      Was going to comment on a price raise, but it appears that was for the Origins edition.

      Last edited 25/05/16 5:38 pm

      How does this work? Step by step please?

    JB Hi Fi has it for $79. Still too rich for me considering it's multi-player only.

    if you change the store to either Taiwan or Korea, the basic version is cheaper after exchange (about 55 dollars)

    no VPN required. don't do China because that's region locked

    Picked up Origins through G2A a couple of weeks ago for $60... Still hoping it doesn't turn out to be a scam.

      I use G2A and always been legit. Did you get their $2 key protection?

    I got my Origins edition through OGS for $62 during the latest beta.
    The price has slowly ascended since then, I'm not sure if that's because of our dollar or what.

    Team Fortress is the cheapest copy actually.

      Can you even buy team fortress?

        yes its $25, i got my copy from before it was free witch was $30 for me, but you can still buy "premium" for perminate upgrade.

          Upgrade to what?? I paid $20 for my TF2 back in the day.

            AFAIK it's free for PC? I paid $10 for it a week before it went free.

    Yea I pre-ordered mine through G2A a couple of weeks ago for around $55AUD....
    They still have a few Keys left for the Russian edition... All the rest seem to have sold out.

    Here's hoping it all comes through!

      Aren't the Russian and Chinese editions region-locked?

    Big W is actually $79 if you click through to it in their catalogue

    Does anyone know if jb hi fi will do the trade in 2 games get the game free deal for overwatch?

    I look at games like this. If I can get the amount of hours out of it, as I put in, I am happy.

    So, if I look at Overwatch, and after playing the Beta, I can easily see my self getting 100 odd hours out of it. So, at a dollar for each hour, I get my moneys worth quite easily. If people looked at buying things in terms of dollar to hour, as well as the general 'Can I afforded it' stuff. If you think you can get the hours, then you should not be complaining.

    This would include DLC as well. If you have, say, 150 hours in to a game, and DLC comes out, then, if the DLC looks good, get it. You have technically already payed for it, with the amount of hours you got out of the game.

      This is exactly how I think about games I buy. There are some exceptions of course. Like the new Uncharted for example - I knew I would only get maybe 30 hours out of it max, especially once i do another play through.. but it was totally worth the money.

      Dollar per hour thing is unfair though to shorter narrative driven games where stretching out would dimish the quality.

    There are still the origins edition so probably drop at least $5...i hope
    I heard it was $40 for pc but looks like companies are always thirsty

    Got it for 73 aud for orgins edition and preorder skin, already got the ky 12 hours ago I'm good to go

    Amazon Prime members can get it for 20% off right now, which makes the Origins edition US$48, which would put it at a shade under $70 after currency conversion.

    It's also US$40 for the standard digital edition on the Blizzard Store, which would convert to about $57.

    UPDATE: And it's even cheaper still for consoles on Amazon (US$49 before Prime discount).

    Last edited 24/05/16 11:11 am

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