When Windows 10 Updates Install In The Middle Of A Counter-Strike Livestream

Video: All Erik Flom wanted to do was stream Counter-Strike for nine hours. Microsoft had other ideas. Flom, AKA fl0m (he's a former pro CS player) had been livestreaming the game on his Twitch channel earlier this month when, whomp, Windows 10 did its thing, interrupting his session right in the middle of a game to install some "important updates".

You can see the exact moment his spirit breaks below:

"We turned off everything," he despairs, suggesting he'd tried to avoid this.

But Erik, there is no avoiding this. When Windows 10 updates want to install, they will install, whether you want them to/tick/untick boxes or not.

UPDATE: This post originally reported that the install was for Windows 10, not a Windows 10 update.

(via WinBuzzer, Reddit)


    The pop up that asks whether you want to install now or later.
    Do not close the window. Your install has been scheduled. You have to CHANGE the scheduled date or it will happen. Closing the window will not change that.

      not always, and it wont tell if its downloading ether, its the BEST PART about windows 10, atlest MS seem to think so, no control is the motto over there, aylest the favrate one.

        At least it updates automatically. Patching security holes should not be something people can put off indefinitely.

    Aaand this is why win 10 with it's mandatory auto updates can go f*** itself.

      It's not that hard to turn it off

        It kind of is. You can turn off updates, but if MS releases a 'mandatory update' which it deems critical, it overrides your settings and BOOM you have it. Like it or lump it. The only version of W10 that allows you to prevent this is Enterprise edition.

    Not this again.

    If you are a "Pro" gamer, either get yourself to "Pro" level IT skills or hire someone who has them.
    But "Livestreamer doesn't know how to manage his tools" isn't as edgy as Microsoft bashing, so I understand why this rates posting.

      So you're saying everybody should just go out and go and get themselves an IT degree just so we can have basic control over our own computers. What a load of crap

      Microsoft tried giving Windows 10 away free, and they obviously didn't get as many takers as what they thought they would, so now they're forcing people to have it whether they want it or not. That is unless you're a computer wiz and know how to stop it, or just disconnect your computer from the internet.

      Microsoft need to stop being so goddamn pushy, if people don't want it, then bloody well let them be. You'd think they would've learned by now after trying to force Kinect onto all Xbone owners. We all know how that worked out, don't we.

        So you're saying everybody should just go out and go and get themselves an IT degree just so we can have basic control over our own computers. What a load of crap

        What is a load of crap is suggesting you need an IT degree to turn off auto updates. Next you'll need an IT degree to use Google!

          Direct quote from the article

          “We turned off everything,” he despairs, suggesting he’d tried to avoid this.

          I take that as meaning that he'd already turned off automatic updates, but yet it still did the update anyway.

            I take that as meaning that he'd already turned off automatic updates, but yet it still did the update anyway.

            Clearly he THOUGHT he had. If I had a dollar for number of time I've lost something because I THOUGHT I'd taken the correct steps to avoid a situation (just in general, not specifically in Windows), I'd be a rich man. Clearly, he didn't. We all make mistakes.

            Last edited 27/05/16 2:13 pm

        That isn't even close to what I said, which is a pity, because you raise some good points.

        Never mind.

        I wouldn't run a monetised stream (aka "business") that way, and I wouldn't equivocate a business decision around IT Support that led to this incident with home consumers and their IT requirements.

    This is abhorrent

      It absolutely is.

      Yet people will still continue to use windows, so MS will continue to push the idea that this is acceptable behaviour on to millions of people who don't know any better.

        Come on, derps that don't turn off auto updates or change the scheduled time to install win10 are to blame for their own derpyness. Surely. It's not actually hard to change that stuff.

          I agree, posts like this is kind of misleading.. don't ignore messages that pop up.. read it, action as appropriately.

          negligence is not a defence

          See, I want important security updates to be done automatically. It saves me from worrying about security problems. So automatic upgrades arent necessarily a bad thing.

          What I dont want is to be forced to upgrade to Win 10 because Microsoft are being dicks. This is them making it more difficult, not some end user being ignorant.

          Whether it's hard or easy to do isn't the point. Why should you have to change something to avoid having your OS replaced with a new OS? If it wants to replace a product I purchased with a different product, it should require me to explicitly approve it, not just assume I want to do it unless I explicitly say no.

          Should be opt in, not opt out.

            I'll agree that it should be opt in rather than opt out, but we almost never get what we want and have been warned many times over the past 3-4 months that it happens if you leave your updates on auto. It sucks and there is no real excuse, but it's definitley preventable. That's all im saying. If end user chooses not to prevent it, it's on them.

          You'd think it would be ok to just have a notification that you have updates available as the default...that's it, if you want to ignore them, then fine, become a botnet.

          This forced upgrade stuff is complete bullshit and only exists because Microsoft cant write software worth a dime...

            Arguably, with automatic updates turned on, your computer behaves pretty much like a botnet also, at the whim and mercy of Microsoft.

            I don't care who you are or what OS you make, my computer runs software that I say is ok, when I say so. Anyone changing files or modifying any system I use without my permission is no different than a botnet controller.

    I can only assume that he is running the software to record himself off another PC yeah otherwise how is his capture stuff still running and recording that?

    Is it installing Win 10 or updating/patching?

      Its a windows 10 upgrade. Happend to me mid game of dota 2. Turned my pc off straight away, got back into the game no errors or windows 10 upgrade promts ever since.

      Installing. Microsoft call it "updating to Windows 10"

      Last edited 27/05/16 11:34 am

    All Erik Flom wanted to do was stream Counter-Strike for nine hours

    9 hours?!?! Maybe his PC was actually showing some pity for him...

    So the PC Master Race just suffered some form of genocide???

    Don't forget people. Windows 10 home edition gets "Forced updates". Security patches get applied pretty much as soon as they are released. Whether you have updates turned on or off. If you have Enterprise edition you can defer patching. Critical patches can be deferred for 4 weeks before auto applying. Normal patches can defer for (I think) 8 months.
    I have no doubts that this guy 'disabled patching', and that does SFA for critical/security patches in W10. They still install. And some require reboots. As he just experienced.
    There do however exist hacks that will prevent this behaviour. But I'm not going to be responsible for anyone that does look for them and apply them. Do at your own risk.

    Me: Get your update away from my ass.
    Win10: C'mon babe. Don't be like that. Just let it happen.
    Me: No means no. Fuck off!

    "but YOU will have control over SkyNet"

    right microsoft? :D

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