While You Were Sleeping


    There was no article yesterday & I can't remember much about last night'sleep except the biting cold .

    So yesterday's dream:

    It was New Year's Eve & I was sharing an apartment with a Tom Cruise lookalike.
    He had invited some ladies over, professionals, & as they were getting into various states of undress (I saw a bare bum at one point!) I decided to pretend to be sleeping. After all, I'm a married man.

    At some point I was in a helicopter circling the complex, reminded me of Contra or something. There may or may have not been machine gun fire, it's unclear.

    The pool that was at least a story below had moved up to our level by dreams end.

    Super Meat Boy, XCOM Headline Xbox Games With Gold For June
    Damn, this is pretty good. Super Meat Boy is the best.

    Yeah, it is pretty good! XCOM is the b--- super... ugh. Wrong title, Mark!

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