While You Were Sleeping


    Last night I played Driveclub before bed, not the golf game I was expecting but solid vehicular porn.

    I'm a terrible driver, I win races but I hit corners at top speed, constantly crashing into walls & other cars.

    So of course I dreamt that I witnessed a car crash. I went over to help & immediately could see the woman had lost her sight due to a head injury. I could tell because her eyes were visibly glassy, as if they'd been replaced by large marbles, just like real life.

    It didn't take me long to convince her to get to a hospital, she refused an ambulance & demanded she drive herself. So I did what any same person would do, I jumped in the passenger seat. Off we drove.

    Attempts at being her eyes weren't going so well & eventually after many close calls we crashed through a brick wall.
    Interrupting a game of cards, at first I was worried that the bulky labourers within would want to hurt us. As it turned out, they were concerned for our safety & were quickly organising help.

    I slept quite well overall, I presume because last night was quite a bit warmer than it has been lately. Even though I slept well, when I was woken by my alarm I was very groggy, perhaps I slept too well?

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