World Record Carcassone Game Used 10,000 Tiles

World Record Carcassone Game Used 10,000 Tiles

Well, this is just ridiculous. A group playing at GothCon in Sweden earlier this year set a world record for the biggest ever game of Carcassone, assembling a board made out of 10,007 tiles.


World Record Carcassone Game Used 10,000 Tiles

The game was put together by Paul from Carcassone Central, and was inspired by a digital mock-up he made showing *hahaha* a game with 10,000 tiles *hahaha* as if that would ever happen.

Until, you know, it did. Paul's in the middle of writing a nice recap of the game (and the prep work behind it) over on Carcassone Central, but you can see the completed game — 108 x 92 — in the video below.


    A new challenger appears!

    A huge gust of wind.

    Bleh, it's a Carcassone composite illustration, not a game. It was not achieved by playing.

      If you checked the link provided you would see that it was a game achieved by playing - they include pictures partway through the game and scores obtained.

        Ah my bad. As the poster below says, the lack of meeples threw me off. Also that unholy cluster of cloisters jeez.

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