Xbox Live Is Freeing Up A Million Gamertags

This week, Microsoft will release close to a million Xbox Live gamertags to the public, the company said today. These handles, which Microsoft says have been inactive since the original Xbox era, will start going free on May 19 at 4:00AM AEST (May 18 at 2:00PM ET). Microsoft won't give the full list, so you'll have to use trial and error when the floodgates open on Wednesday, but the best way to claim a new tag will be on Xbox's website here. Good opportunity for those of you who got stuck with names like xXx_goku42069_xXx. Now you can just be goku42069.

Meanwhile, Sony won't even let you change your PSN ID, because reasons?


    Sony won’t even let you change your PSN ID, because reasons?

    ... don't get me started.

      Last I checked you couldn't even change countries. So, sorry people who move and want access to the new country's stores, while also having access to your old digital games

        Yep. We're a long way off #BetterPSN

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