20 Minutes Of Death's Gambit, A Very Dark Souls Side-Scroller

Video: I was wondering if we'd written about Death's Gambit before, and all I could find was a 2014 post about how much I loved a GIF I saw of it. That GIF is still cool, but the actual game looks good, too. Yesterday at E3, the game's lead designer Jean Canellas played through a demo on the PlayStation stream:

More than a little Souls in there, with an additional helping of Castlevania. I don't think we've quite reached a saturation point on "indie games that are basically Dark Souls", so Death's Gambit should slip in ahead of the cutoff point. It will be out sometime in 2017.


    If it's anything like Salt and Sanctuary (which it looks to be) then I'm in. I've been waiting a long time for 2D Soulsvania games.

      If I was to cast wide aspersions, I'd say this looks like Salt and Sanctuary but with good art direction. S&S's art style never grew on me...

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