$350 Pip-Boy Replica Is Very Fancy

$350 Pip-Boy Replica Is Very Fancy

Just before Bethesda’s big E3 show was due to start, Thinkgeek sent out emails about a new product: a very expensive, somewhat functional replica of Fallout’s iconic Pip-Boy.

The Pip-Boy: Deluxe Bluetooth Edition is designed to work as a kind of wearable smart watch, which pairs with your phone over bluetooth to show (and make) calls, messages, etc.

If you’re too scared to walk around wearing it, though, it also comes with a stand so you can use it as a display item (or cosplay prop).

Fancy, then, but at $US350 ($475), it’s not everyone’s kind of fancy.


  • and its still got that cheap baby poo brown plastic, and by the looks of it the useless knobs are still there.

    i painted my collectors edition that came with the launch of the game, painted it gunmetal grey with gold vinyl lettering… only problem is it doesnt fit my phone so it sits on my shelf collecting dust.. guest thats why its called the collectors edition

  • Missed opportunity not having the cursor highlighting “Ignore” for Preston.

    They could have showed an SMS on the display telling us about a settlement that needs our help.

  • Whilst I think it’s cool & do want one, it still looks like it’s made from the same cheap & nasty plastic the one that came with Fallout 4 was.. I kinda feel for $480 AUD (that’s what EB Games are charging) they could’ve gone with a bit more of a premium construction :/

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