4 Minutes Of Titanfall 2 Gameplay

Remember when Titanfall was just an idea and video footage? Remember when it looked like the wildest multiplayer shooter ever? I sort of miss that. It sucks that Titanfall was released and blew over almost instantly.

I'm hoping the sequel delivers on something a bit more substantial. If this new gameplay footage is anything to go it just might.

But it's difficult to tell because Titanfall in full flow — as it is in this video — is poetry in motion. It's a gun ballet. If I was playing it might look a little less... superlative! Still, if anything it looks as though Respawn has put a broad focus on making Titanfall 2 a more sophisticated experience. There are a lot of new mechanics at play here. I can't wait to see more and actually play the damn game.


    That looks really really really fun! I know what's going to keep me busy, battlefield 1 and titanfall 2

    Looks interesting, but releasing it a week after Battlefield 1 means this is going to miss out.

    Bizarre that EA would release them like this - it's one thing when you launch your new FPS against your competitor's (e.g. the new COD). But launching it against your OWN game? It's like a couple of people within EA who should have had a meeting didn't have a meeting.

      There was reports a while back that some EA execs didn't think Battlefield 1 would sell, so perhaps they wanted to make sure they had their own future warfare game released in time to compete with Activision's future warfare game?

    The first was great but suffered from being exclusive to the less popular console, and not having the ability to customise the look of your Titans, looking forward to the new one

    The first was a great game but it was ruined by poor matchmaking and a dropping population with nothing to fall back on. No custom games, no singleplayer. That just ruined an otherwise promising game.

    Like people mentioned - the first was great, but only after a bunch of patches and DLC, by then people had moved on. If this is a more polished experience from the start it should do a lot better - in saying that, it is releasing around BF1 and that might hurt it as well. I'm keen to check out the single player campaign, they added personality to the titans is a great addition #TheIronGiant.

    looks great and is a day one for me, loved the first, ill be jumping between this and bf1

      Can't wait to play the open beta weekend and never touch it again.

        why would you never touch it again?

          The first game pretty much died after a week. I played it just as much during the beta weekend as I did after it released. I just won't bother with post release this time.

    God I was good at the first one. Mainly because there was no one really playing it.

    I hope that the match making and other essential junk they ignored is better. This is a great game.

    Well if I have to choose between this and Battlefield this year, I'll choose this. I keep buying Battlefield games and not really enjoying them, but Titanfall was a blast for how shortlived it was. Hopefully with a solo campaign the community will be a bit more active (plus solo campaigns are great practice - sometimes when you're playing multiplayer and getting stomped you don't really have time to "learn" how to play the game).

    Titanfall was the best multiplayer shooter of the last ten years. It was amazing.

    But the matchmaking was awful, the map packs fragmented the playerbase, there wasn't much in the way of customisation, there was no single player, and Microsoft did everything they could to pretend that it was never released on PC.

    I really hope this is good.

    I can't wait to play this until everyone gets bored just over a week later.

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