7-Year-Old Kid Punches Armed GameStop Robber

7 Year-Old Kid Punches Armed GameStop Robber

On Friday night, two men stormed into a GameStop store in Montgomery County, Maryland. They ordered everyone onto the ground at gunpoint, and while employees and a husband and wife complied, the couple's seven-year-old boy started swinging punches at the robbers instead. "He's a brave little boy, and he recognised he was in a dangerous situation," the father told local news site WJLA. "And there was a stranger and he was trying to defend himself."

The boy was quickly restrained by the intruders. As his father called out "I need my son", they released him to lie on the ground with his parents.

"We don't want something like this to strike fear into him for a good portion of his life," the boy's father adds. "The best thing we can say to our son in this instance is that the bad guys have been found, and they are in jail."

Something he'll be able to say once the men are actually caught; police are still looking out for the pair, who are "described by police as black men in their 20s, approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall [167cm], and weighing 170 pounds [77kg]".

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    'Videogames Cause Young Boy to Fight Crime'

    I won't hold my breath for that headline!

      "Enraged Video Game Playing Child Takes Out Aggression On Hoodied Strangers. Coming up next on Fox NEWS, an Apple a day, is it killing you?"

    I read about this on news.com.au (of all places) several days ago... Nice try Luke.

      That's cool. I hadn't seen the story yet, so uh...Thanks, Luke.

      Whats your point? Just because you saw it on that 'news' site doesn't mean we all did...

    Hopefully he wasn't there to buy street fighter.

    Im sure if this ended up differently, it would have been Rockstar's fault with GTA V.

    Kid was probably thinking "NO! I just talked my parents into buying GTAV! I am not letting this bullshit get in my way!"

    well somes perents didnt teach this kid shit, leve the literal pool person alone.

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