A 30 Minute Explanation Of Dark Souls 3’s Complex Storyline

A 30 Minute Explanation Of Dark Souls 3’s Complex Storyline

The timing of this video couldn’t be better. I finally finished Dark Souls 3 last night, now I get to find out what the hell was going on with the game’s story.

Thanks VaatiVidya!

VaatiVidya is Australia’s best Dark Souls lore expert. If you’re looking to get a handle on what the hell you just did in the games, he’s your guy. This video is probably his most definitive yet. As Vaati mentions in his introduction, in order to understand Dark Souls’ story, you have to understand what’s going on with each boss. Therefore this video focuses on the lore behind each boss. It’s fascinating.

Vaati has pieced this all together through a study of item and weapon descriptions. It’s a great watch.


  • Jesus, how did it take you so long?

    My STR character has about 110 hours on it, and is already on NG+4

  • I watched this last night, great lore recap and many interesting lore points and connections made

  • Argh just 16 more vertebra shackles and I’m 100% ! Why do people have to be so much better than me at pvp! Whhyyyyyy

      • Indeed I have, have read up on builds and spent hours trying to invade and also fuelling but haven’t gotten the knack quite yet.

        • Ah, this was actually a terrible joke about the laziness and unhelpfulness of ‘git gud’.

          Yeah, PVP, man… I dunno what to say, sounds like you did your homework.
          I had quite a bit of success mostly by doing all the shit that everyone looks down on as cheap, like Dark Sword spam and relying on a really heavy and stable greatshield, regen/havel rings, with moderately effective armour that I could still speed-roll around in, and getting a feel for whether a person was a kick/parry kinda PVPer and not trusting them, playing cautiously if they were. Everyone else could just be kicked/R1’d into the ground.

          The ‘real’ PVPers look down on it because the pros have become adept at countering it, but if you’re just after kills, not everyone’s going to have learned how to counter it yet.

          • Haha Yeh I got the joke, and Yeh I’ve decided I’ll go back to dark sword spamming and try some kicks out etc. Anything to get those 16 shackles lol. Thanks for the advice

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