Young Women Aren't The Only Ones Cosplaying

A lot of websites and galleries would have you think that it's only young women who are cosplaying. Men vs Cosplay 2017 is a 365-page calendar that would like to remind you that is very much not the case.


    Do people really think that only young females cosplay? I am a 34yr old male and I cosplay.

      That's just how it appears on film. In reality you're actually just a bunch of young girls taped together.

        What do you do if you want something that looks like a girl then?

          Dress on a bear, usually does the trick.

      If you only read Kotaku (or really any gaming news blog) then you'd be forgiven for thinking so. The proportion of female to male cosplay shown skews heavily towards females a lot of the time.

        I know, but I guess that is what gets the clicks. I know there has been a feature or two on male cosplayers in the past but I would like to see more, and not just the ones that have spent a years salary building Iron Man suits. Hayley always does good write ups on cosplayers, being one herself obviously helps.

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