A Most Inspiring Overwatch Play Of The Game

Video: Last night, my teammates and I ran into some serious Overwatch latency issues. We saw teleporting opponents, hits and ults that wouldn't register and mysteriously vanishing health packs. At the end of the match, the Play of the Game was something special.

Whatever sick moves DEPUTY_DONG25 pulled off were apparently so amazing that they could not be communicated by mere audiovisual reenactment. No, we were left to imagine DEPUTY_DONG25's greatness for ourselves.


    that was some matrix style insanity right there. There is no play of the game.

    I had terrible lag last night. Still managed to get MVP somehow.

      I played a match the other day as Tracer with 500+ms ping and somehow pulled off MVP and 33 elims.

      Also Kirk, I've got a video of this where the POTG just cut back to the level and showed an empty level with some creepy music. I'll upload it after work.

    I saw a couple of messed up POTG's last night... One where I got POTG as Hanzo for getting one kill and missing all my other shots (was off form, in my defence...) and another where it was our mercy just healing one person and making one Rez. Oh yeah, another where I cleared the point with pharahs Ult, but the POTG went to the tracer of to the side who got the final blow on a couple of fleeing stragglers...

    I wonder if they've been messing with the POTG algorithm without telling us, or the laggy state of the servers at the mo is just screwing with POTG generally...

    What is play of the game?


    I weep for the future of humanity...

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