A Glorious Song Made Using In-Game Sounds From Overwatch

This is glorious. It's a music track made using sounds from Overwatch. I love it. I'm listening to this and I'm just laughing my arse off.

It's actually really uplifting! Mix this with a brilliantly edited music video and you have pure gold on your hands.

I suspect I'll be listening to this all day. It's just so well made and produced.

You can download the song here.


    Lucio is my most played character too. Almost a necessity in pub games. He's so effective it's almost suicide not to have him on the team. Healing everyone in sight automatically is so OP.

      Not even in sight, its within the area is it not?
      He is also my go to healer if no one selects a healer.
      Not to mention his wallride ability is OP as heck.

        I'm pretty sure walls and stuff block the effect, but will check tonight. Even better if I'm wrong.

        Last night there was an enemy Lucio on the Lijiang Tower interior control point wall-riding round and round that central pillar. It should be physically impossible to do! So annoying to target him with Zarya's beam.

        It is LoS, you can easily monitor this by the number on your hud. The number reflects how many people are within sight and benefiting from your healing/speed buff.

          Oh righto then, yeah I was aware of the number but didn't consider whether it was line of sight or area of effect. Thanks for the clarification.

      I really dislike playing as Lucio, I hate the fact that he's pretty much a requirement on a team. I don't particularly find him fun to play as. I hope Blizz flesh out the healer supports a bit.

        I think the issue is he's more accessible than the other supports. If you get a good Mercy/Zanyatta they can have way more impact that Lucio, but you actually have to get good...Also Symmetra can be amazing on defence.

        Having said that, the amount of games I've turned around by switching to Lucio is kinda silly though. I would like to see a couple more support characters to give some more choice. Especially since Symmetra isnt really a support class. She's almost useless on Offence as she doesnt heal, and Torb is way more effective with offensive turrets.

        Zanyatta is my go to healer. Orb of discord on enemy tanks or Pharah while healing whoever is in need. He can wreck D.Va, Bastion or Torbjorns turret as long as you get a debuff on them, basically anything big and slow. Ultimate is good for that final push to victory. Only gripe is that he's either a bit weak or slow to be close to the front line, would like his movement to be a wee bit faster so he still keeps the glass cannon vibe.

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