A New Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Just Leaked On Twitch

Well this is strange, looks like a brand new Watch Dogs 2 trailer just leaked — on Twitch of all places.

It's short, it's a dramatic shift in tone. And it looks pretty cool to be honest.

It's been playing as a pre-roll ad on Twitch and some enterprising folks have captured it.



    Kind of has a Mr. Robot feel to it. Sort of.

    *entire pre-release gameplay may be subject to massive downgrades*

      Thats the case for all games ever, so...


    The games about hacking. Why shouldn't the marketing ?

      Since the complexity of the hacking in Watchdogs was boiled down to a single button press, it's more like "press A to market game"

    Hoping there is a Aiden Pearce skin for this game. Not feeling the hipster look. And no cool as trench coats :(

      Not sure you know what the word hipster describes...

      To quote the Princess Bride...

      "I do not think that word means what you think it means..."

    Trench coats had a brief resurgence when The Matrix was a thing, now they are the domain of dirty old men again.

      Damn straight. It was a tough time for us dirty old men when everyone thought they were cool.

    Ubi have pulled the video.

    Give it 10 minutes, it'll have been reupped countless times.

      Nah, I'm sure having the video pulled will totally work this time. =P

      It'll be back in a lower resolution and framerate ;)

    It has to be better than the first game, god that thing was a bland POS. I hope they havent just taken the turd that was the first game and polished it, it needed some significant game play overhauls.

      I enjoyed it quite a bit, so I would not go that far, but I do agree there was a lot of things that could have been better. The co-op multiplayer, for example. However, the whole idea of going on to someone else's game (ala 'Dark' games) was something that was done well, and the story it self had some great moments.

        I agree the story had a few great moments and there were some great missions. I think because the game was disappointing, in that it didn't garner perfect 10's, the narrative became that watch dogs was hot trash.
        Three things that irked me about the first game: driving was terrible, Aiden Pearce was bland, hacking was too simplistic.
        It was a pretty great GTA clone though.

        Last edited 09/06/16 7:43 am

    Is this the official trailer release:



    I think the big question is... Will this look as pretty as the trailer? past experience says not even close lol

    Please dont force me to be the hipster protagonist ubisoft...

    This game will suck a whole bag of dicks, just wait and see. Everything you need to know about this series has been summed up by Dunky.

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