A Spoken Word Poem About Dark Souls 3 Being Really Hard

If you're into hip-hop, you've most likely heard of Murs.

You might not be aware he's into livestreaming video games. Also: writing bizarre spoken word poems about them.

His latest effort is a poem about Dark Souls being "hard as fuck".

Turns out Murs has done a few of these.

Here's his spoken word poem about Outland.

And his spoken word poem about getting shot in Counter Strike: Global Offensive...

I feel like I understand all of these sentiments.

You can check out Murs' Twitch here.


    Oh man, I love MURS. I was at a show he did in Sydney and got to chat with him and his wife for a bit. One of the best live performers with infinite energy and a really nice bloke. I had no idea he was into streaming/gaming so this is awesome. Thanks for the link Mark. I'm going to listen to his stuff on the way home today!

    ILY MURS!!!!!


    Last edited 23/06/16 2:52 pm

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