A Video Game That Lets You Control Life And Death

Valley is a new game from the creators of Slender: The Arrival. It's very interesting indeed. You wear a suit. That suit allows you to run at speed, jump to tremendous heights and... um, control life and death.

Yeah, this looks very cool indeed.

We mentioned Valley a few months back after the developers released a trailer that was high on intrigue, but low on actual details. This new footage is essentially six minutes of gameplay and it provides a bit more of a feel for how the game will actually play.

It looks pretty out there. You can literally create foliage, resurrect dead animals.

But most importantly, there are double jumps.

Double jumps people.


    I thought pretty much all video games were about controlling life and death, although most often you are giving everyone death rather than gifting them life.

    But most importantly, there are double jumps.

    Doesn't this essentially describe almost every fps from 2015/2016?

    Something about it is very alluring to me. Will keep an eye on this.

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