A Wicked Overwatch Strategy For Dealing With Turrets

Turrets. They're the bane of many Overwatch players' existence. While a solid Genji, D.Va or Widowmaker (or two) can negate them, there's also something to be said for more vengeful tactics. Fallout Plays put together a team configuration that tears through turrets on levels like Hanamura. It's damn satisfying to watch, in a way where, if you're certain nobody else is around, you might be tempted to yell FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU HAHAHAHA at your screen or maybe even to a real live bird if you've got one handy.

Basically, you want at least one (though preferably two) Lucios and four Zaryas. Lucio speeds everybody up so they're hard for turrets to track, and the Zaryas use their shields to negate significant amounts of damage.

Bonus: Since turrets tend to just kinda spray at whatever moves, they will hit Zarya's shield, immediately boosting her weapon's damage through the roof. Once on the point, you turn the whole thing into a patchwork hell of buffed laser beams. Then you rush to the next point and repeat the same strategy.

This allowed the Fallout Plays folks to win a whole round in under two minutes. It also brought them the greatest gift of all: Laughter... at somebody else's expense.


    2 Meis or 1 Mei 1 Rei on that choke point entrance can hold that whole rush out.

    It's a bullshit strategy unless you are playing as a team. Solo queue you are just as likely to end up with 3 Widowmakers, a Torbjorn, a Mei and a Junkrat on attack.

    Trying to convince the three guys that insist on playing hanzo to switch to zarya is a fools errand.

      To be fair though if you have hanzos turrets shouldn't be an issue for you anyway.

    I have participated in this except it was x5 Zarya and x1 Lucio. I really felt sorry for the other team when they got chain sucked by x5 graviton surges one after the other after each team wipe.

    You could counter this with many Mei, pull a pacifist defence and just ice wall them away from objectives.

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