All The Ways In Which Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Looks Incredible

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks great. We know this. But unless you've been glued to Nintendo's Treehouse stream 24/7 you might not be aware just how great.

Here are a few select screenshots — and more than a few GIFs — that illustrate precisely what the new Zelda is all about. It's actually quite incredible.

Okay, so seriously. Holy shit. This is what combat can look like in the new Zelda. Combining all of this in different ways is going to be incredible.

Vistas obviously. Obviously. Scenery porn #1.

The scale of this seems pretty incredible. Almost all of the game's map is completely blacked out.

Scenery porn #2.

Obligatory hitbox porn.

Scenery porn #3.

Yes, you can now totally fish with bombs now. Fishing rods are such a waste of time.

Scenery porn #4.

Okay, so let's take a second to appreciate the physics in this game. Holy shit.

Scenery porn #5.

Yeah this is probably my favourite one. The wind causes the fire to spread in like seconds. This shit is just wild.

Seriously. This game man. This. Game.


    That combat one is ridiculous. What.

    Dammit Nintendo, here I was ready to be all jaded and stuff but you've gone and got me all hyped.

    Link. Supposed to be saviour of hyrule. Instead, destroying one tree/fire at a time =P

    While it's certainly pleasing to the eye, I'm not sure it's beneficial to know there's an incredibler version out at the same time.

    Consider a statement like "That overworld could have more stuff in the NX version". If this was a social media statement that went viral, or mused about on a games blog somewhere, and reached enough people, then we would all start believing that could actually come true.

    I'm fine with a seemingly quiet and 'empty' sandbox, until I get my hands on the game and can play it for myself. But there's going to be something that will either turn this game's hype into overdrive and the end product can't ever satisfy, or it'll go the other way and everybody will find one molehill to turn into a mountain that the game(s) will apparently need to stand trial for.

    If this game isn't front and centre at EB Expo/PAXes/etc between now and release so people can try it for themselves then that's also a missed opportunity.

      We already have the statement that NX users will have the same experience as Wii U users though, so presumably there'll be much of a muchness between them.

        Game will be identical in the way you play and what you get. There may be a slightly faster frame rate or draw distance or small something in the NX version maybe.

        "Experience" is such a wonderfully vague word, though. I'd love to believe that BoW on Wii U will be as good as the NX version in terms of frames/res/etc. but I'm sceptical.

          At least we shouldn't have to worry about the same kind of disparity we got between the GCN and awful awful Wii version of Twilight Princess :P

          I'm pretty confident it'll be fine though. I mean they're demoing this on Wii U hardware, right? And I can't think of any first party Wii U games that have had performance issues, though I'll admit I am terrible at picking up on quality issues that seem to hugely bother others. Eg DVD and Bluray look the same, can't understand people complaining about the Rift being low-res, etc.

            I guess past instances of them doing this (bloody Twilight Princess...) have made me pretty pessimistic about the whole thing, but I'm happy to stay this way and (hopefully) be proven wrong soon.

    This has got me excited about Nintendo again, can't wait to see what it looks like on the NX.

    Man so it looks like I may have to purchase a Nintendo console. Looks great.

    Those scenery porn screenshots are SUPER high res (the originals from the press kit are in 4K!!); could that mean the NX version of this game runs in 4K? Certainly a lofty dream, but not out of the realm of possibility. A lot of people are expecting 720p on Wii U and 1080p on NX, but if it is indeed 4K on NX, that could be where all the extra power goes to, instead of adding any new elements onto the game map.

      Native 4k gaming is a pipedream fanned by marketing departments. My furiously expensive pc struggles to pull it off at a reasonable framerate for vr, no console will get near that for several years.

        My admittedly lofty pipedream purports that the game will look exactly the same, just in higher resolution. I imagine you can run a last-gen game (I'm talking like a game made in 2009, or, you know, a Wii U game) in 4K on current PCs pretty easily, that's all I'm suggesting. You're talking about a whole other level of complexity (current-gen games, in VR no less) than the idea I am trying to convey. I specifically said that IF the game was 4K, I wasn't expecting any additional improvements to the game.

      You are assuming the NX is going to be a major step up in power, for all we know it could be less powerful than the Xbone and they just include a 300 dollar wrist display that nobody asked for.

        I hope that wouldn't be the case, but it's definitely possible! I just hope Nintendo focus on making a machine with some real power instead of sacrificing that for gimmicks.

          Hopefully its as powerful as Neo/Scorpio and has a normal controller. I would buy one day one if that were the case because you know you will get some solid games from Nintendo.

    All the screenshots look wonderful.. yet all the videos look washed out.. why?

      Because its a video of a projection of a game being played. What we are seeing in videos, outside official trailers, is getting washed out and has crappy frame rates.

    I suspect it hasn't been graded for web (if it's from a live stream this is likely the case).

    The colour coming out of a console is fairly neutral, which allows for a broad range of colour and gamma curves to be applied to the image. The colour settings of your TV decide what to do with the colour information, which is how it ends up looking rich.

    If it isn't graded after being pulled off the console it'll look quite ordinary, because it'll be whatever the machine spits out.

    Game looks amazing, just not sure how the hell I'm going to find the time to play a game of this size because of work and family.

    Already decidee! Ill be booking two weeks off to spend playing this on NX! Just need release dates and times Nintendo!!

    Am I seriously the only one totally underwhelmed by this game? Looking at these comments you'd think that it's up there with TW3 or UC4 in terms of looks!

    I appreciate that people don't play Nintendo games for the visuals but I think everyone needs to tone down the superlatives for this until you actually play it.

      Looking at these comments you'd think that it's up there with TW3 or UC4 in terms of looks!Isn't it? Neither of those particularly wow me at all, but this does.

        Can you link me to the footage you watched? Because it's clearly not the same as the footage in this article. This one looks like a really nice looking PS2 game with better draw distance and lighting effects. The textures are criminally low res.

        Just because it's good for a Zelda/Nintendo, it doesn't mean it's a good looking game. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here.

          Just the trailer?

          It's a lush world that looks like a painting come to life, you'd have to be on crazy pills to think it doesn't look great :P Especially if you think it looks like a PS2 game, those things looked like arse even when they were modern.

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