An E3 2016 Cringe Complilation

E3 2016 was pretty solid. A little bit too solid for my liking. Part of the charm of E3 is the cringe.

So this cool little cringe compilation doesn't have as much material to work with, but it's still pretty hilarious.

And here's the thing: livestreams are sort of the in-thing right now, particularly at E3. Not all of them are great. Some folks are still learning how to do this shit on the fly, and sometimes it shows.

Also: I knew Chad from Ubisoft would feature. Best part of E3 hands down.


    Some of those were legit hilarious I thought. But the cringe was indeed cringe.

    The guy who's standing at 3m18s must've been smoking pot or heavily drunk or SOMETHING.

    I saw him on Jim Sterling's channel, and that guy was just fucking embarrassing.

    I cringe so hard whenever anyone announces an exclusive for PS or Xbox and pauses for applause.
    The only thing worse than that is when the crowd actually applaude them for it. Shame on all present.

    Am I the only one who noticed the time length of the video? (4:20) :P

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