And Here's What Battlefield 1's Multiplayer Looks Like

It's E3 time! EA aren't at E3, but they are holding an EA Play event nearby in LA and a separate one in London. They're also hosting an hour-long livestream of Battlefield 1's multiplayer, so here you go.

Update: Livestream's over, although it did provide this little beauty for everyone.

EA has spent the last 10 minutes hyping up the stream with named actors and name-dropping a bunch of YouTubers and streamers that people might recognise.

Fortunately, the delays are finally over and gameplay has finally begun. Battlefield 1 appears to have a proper spectator cam for the first time as well, which is good to see. And those maps look huge. Check out the action for the next hour below.


    Snoop Dogg smoking weed and just walking up and down is how I want my BF1 reveal experience.

    Oh my God. It's just like the original Codename Eagle!

    The game actually looks really good, which is why I question the need for the celebrities. It just seems cheesy to me.

    Oh god quality competitive World War combat how I've missed you...

    I was a little unsure about the WW1 setting, but daaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmnnnnn that looks good!

    Is there a way to watch it in replay, now that the live stream is over?

      Go to EA's twitch past broadcasts and it'll be around the 2:00:00 mark in the stream.
      Edit: looks bloody amazing.

      Last edited 13/06/16 10:47 am

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