Arkane Studios Announces Prey, Due Out In 2017

Arkane Studios Announces Prey, Due Out In 2017

Prey 2 is one of the most famous examples of vapourware in all of gaming. This year, however, rumours began to build that Prey 2 was making a comeback — although not in the form people once knew.

During Bethesda’s E3 press conference, it was revealed that Arkane Studios has been working on rebooting the Prey name.

It looks … well, way more interesting than I was expecting. The original Prey did interesting things with respawning and spirituality. This is something else entirely. Check it out.

Sadly, Prey won’t be out until next year. More details will be announced at Quakecon in August. As a side note: Arkane’s studio in Austin, Texas, are the ones working on Prey. Arkane’s Lyon headquarters in France is focusing on Dishonored 2.


  • And the trailer has made me loose interest in it. the 2012 trailer was way better and that was game people actually wanted to play

    • Trailer didn’t really say much apart from “Look at my hokey CG”, hey? That 2012 game looked at least interesting.

      • 2012?! Dayum, I didn’t realise it was that long. I just assumed it was going to be stuck in hell like the first game. Only difference being the second had no chance of being finished let alone released.

        Then again, it seems to be the norm for many games now. The original Prey, Too Human, Duke Nu– … er… no, I’m not finishing that name.

  • Not to be mean, but is this trailer mostly taken from the first episode of Cowboy Bebop?

  • How the fuck can you “reboot” a series when you didn’t even get the second installment out?

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