Australia's Sexiest Cosplay Competition Is Going To Melbourne

When Sexpo announced its inaugural cosplay competition for its Sydney event earlier this year, no one was quite sure how it would turn out. Spoilers: it was pretty damn awesome, so they're doing it again in Melbourne this November.

Melbourne's competition will be following the format of the Sydney one quite closely, and includes the same tantalising $2000 cash prize for the winner — still the largest prize pool for any cosplay contest in Australia.

Sexpo's website has summarised the cosplay contest's particular appeal quite concisely:

SEXPO offers a haven for cosplayers who prefer a sexier angle to their cosplay. Whether you love crafting costumes, playing a character or you simply want a safe space in which to dress up and enjoy yourself; it doesn’t matter what age, gender or shape you are, or if you’re a cosplay novice or expert – we invite you to enter the Sexy Cosplay Competition.

While the Sydney contest still had a few teething issues, as first time events often do, one of the best things about it was the sheer diversity of both characters and cosplayers that was represented in both heats and finals. Costumes ranged from full suits of armour to more traditionally sexy outfits, from Pokemon to Harley Quinn, and the gender ratio was about as even as it gets in cosplay (sorry, boys).

What kind of sexy costumes will Melbourne's competition turn out? We'll have to wait and find out this November.


    Neat. Going to go as my starting character in RUST!

    Fingers crossed for a sexy cosplay of ALF!

      I did do sexy Marcus Fenix for the Sydney one, so I guess nothing's impossible.

      This might be an insight into how twisted I am. I thought you where talking about Alf Stewart. Anyone who can make him sexy deserves to win 2000 dollarydoos

    Oh boy...
    on a related note, you dont see much cosplay porn, or am i looking in the wrong places?

      Wrong places. There's dedicated sites for it. Or so I heard from my mate Dave.

        I probably cant ask openly here can i? lol

      There's plenty of it out there, but the quality varies a lot.

    Sounds like something that gives Sexpo some variety and actually worth going to. Went there once many years ago, and from what I remember, there was a 10:1 ratio of dildo sales to something actually interesting.

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