Aww, We'll Never Get This Benedict Cumberbatch Disney Infinity Figure

Disney Infinity is toast, because Disney manufactured way too many figures nobody wanted and not enough of the ones people did. Which means that, sadly, we will never get to pay over the odds on eBay for this excellent Benedict Cumberbatch figure. Well, technically it's a Doc Strange figure, but I've never seen an Infinity figure get the likeness of their actor down so well while still maintaining the series' trademark cartoon art design.

The images come via gadgethelpline, who got hold of some concept art for it.


    Makes me so sad to imagine all of the unused Disney characters that will never get an Infinity figurine now. It's mind-blowing really. There was no Belle or Beast figurine, yet we get the personality-less characters from Tron?? No Quasimodo, Jim Hawkins, Hercules, Cinderella, etc. etc. but they go to the trouble of making a second Spider-Man (now he's black!) and random characters like Iron Fist and Nova?? And the characters from the Star Wars cartoon nobody cares about...

    I just wish they'd keep making the figurines, even if there's no game to play them with. Disney certainly hasn't been averse to selling valuable collectibles in the past...

      The Black Spiderman actually came first he was a Special a Playstation Promo pack. Normal Spiedy was released later.

      Personally I thought they should stop making the Games, and just do all the sets and figures as DLC. That's where the money is right?

      Last edited 23/06/16 1:59 am

    shame we can't get some 3d models of them released and send them off to a 3d printer

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