Battleborn On PC Is Dying, And Not Slowly

The stars were never really aligned for Gearbox Software’s ‘hero shooter’, MOBA-esque Battleborn. Between a generic and all too forgettable name, a release that coincided far too closely with the overpowering hype of Blizzard’s similar offering in Overwatch and a price that people just aren’t used to paying for MOBA-style games, Battleborn really isn’t doing well.

It was never a bad game, but it was never a breakthrough, either. While we don’t have the numbers from its console release (which some hopeful Battleborn loyalists expect will have a leg up on Overwatch somehow), the stats from Battleborn on Steam just one month into its release are dismal.

Despite being discounted by 40 per cent over the weekend (which is almost unprecedented for a AAA game in its first month of release), Battleborn‘s numbers haven’t rallied as we head into June. Not only are player numbers dwindling, but according to SteamSpy, the amount of time that Battleborn‘s relatively few players are spending in the game is quickly decreasing:

The game saw only a slight peak on Sunday, with its highest number of concurrent players peaking at 12,101 on the day of its release. At the time of writing there’s a fairly dismal playerbase of only 2200 online. That’s less than the number of people playing Youtubers Life, that sim game about being someone who plays games on YouTube for a living.

Of course, Battleborn isn’t without its fans, but even the die-hards are getting fed up with the long waits for matches. Not only that, but some players on the Battleborn Subreddit have reported that matches are often poorly balanced, with low level players going up against much more powerful ones, simply because there aren’t enough people in the game.

It’s a shame, as by all accounts Gearbox had a good thing going with Battleborn. It had some really interesting character designs, challenging campaigns that could be played both single-player and co-op alongside the PVP element, and a cool story with some sweet animation. It was just released at the worst possible time.

Does Gearbox have a plan for Battleborn‘s future? We’ll have to see, but at the moment the numbers seem to be headed in only one direction — straight down.

Have you been playing Battleborn? Will you keep playing Battleborn? Let us know in the comments!

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