Because Of Course There's A Case Mod That Makes Fairy Floss

I'd say "why MSI", but the reality is PC gamers have got to eat something. May as well get your PC to make it, right?

Computex is a big deal for PCs and components, and as a result you get a lot of crazy things happening to PCs. I've taken a fair few photos and you'll see them in due course, but this was one bizarre enough that it warranted special attention.

Because it's a mod for a PC case. That makes fairy floss. While the PC continues to hum away. Seriously, I shit you not. Here's the full view.

All that spun sugar; what could possibly go wrong? Now that I think about it, a popcorn making PC mod would be pretty neat.

The author travelled to Computex 2016 as a guest of Intel.


    Now if only they can put soda into my liquid cooling

    So much duct tape....also diabetes....

    Last edited 03/06/16 2:44 pm

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