Bethesda Brings Back Quake, Calls It Quake Champions

To be fair, you can't say we didn't see it coming.

Id software's Tim Willits took the stage at Bethesda's E3 conference first this year to announce a new arena shooter under the iconic franchise, titled Quake Champions.

No gameplay footage was shown, but Willits said that more details would be announced at Quakecon in August. Tournaments for the original Quake are already scheduled to be held at the annual LAN event, commemorating the game's 20th anniversary.

Id did, however, show off what appeared to be some fancy in-engine action. Take a look.


    Cautiously optimistic. I've been hitting some Clan Arenas lately in Quake Live scratching my itch, but I crave more.

    I'm not so sure about the class system they mentioned. I hope they still have a vanilla, balls to the wall, game mode.

      They couldn't possibly do a Quake Arena follow up without a pure deathmatch mode, could they?

    Sooo.... Quake Overwatch style? Eh....

      This looks more MOBA than Class based shooter tbh.

        So following in the steps of Battleborn, then? Way to back the wrong horse, Bethesda...

      wow they're making it a class based shooter - fuck that noise.

    Bringing back all your favourite, iconic Quake protagonist personalities! Such as... uh. Uhm.

      Such as doomguy

        I liked Orbb

          Just start imagining those names in a gravely doom announcer voice and they all start coming back.

      Just as long as they don't bring back Xaero. Man, seriously, fuck Xaero.

      Tsh. All you people are saying names for characters that weren't in Quake, but one of its weaker spin-offs.

    I'll be happy though if there's some great modes. CTF / Jailbreak were amazing fun.

    If it's class based does that mean it's more like Enemy Territory?

      I doubt it. Enemy Territory was a resource/territory management/capture thing along the lines of BF 2142, on huge maps. This thing looks like it's more Team Fortress than Battlefield.

    Quake 3 also had Team Arena if anyone remembers that failure..

      Am I the only one that liked Team Arena...?

      .... anyone?


    I liked Q3 team arena. Imagine Q3A and Overwatch combined with the id tech 6 engine... Oh yeah..

    Ranger (Quake 1), Grunt (Quake 2), Sarge (Quake 3), Doom and it could be wolfesntein guy too

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