Bethesda's E3 Conference Liveblog

Welcome to one of the few E3 conferences that run at a friendly hour!

The Bethesda conference might not be the Fallout 4-inspired humdinger it was last year, but there might be some cool stuff?

Skyrim Remaster anyone? Yes please!

What else is everyone hoping to see? Dishonored 2? That's certain to play a huge part. DLC for Doom? Most likely.

You can watch the Bethesda conference live right here.

11.45 Man, another E3. Who is excited for this BETHESDA CONFERENCE with no Fallout 4 and maybe a remake of an old game? Actually, I sort of am. I could go for a decent excuse to play Skyrim again. It's probably my second favourite Bethesda game ever (after Morrowind).

11.54 Hey, it's Lucy O'Brien from IGN Australia. She's great. Hello Lucy.

11.59 Almost there. Pee break! Oh yeah. About to sprint to the dunny.

12.02 Pee successful. It was a long pee. I drink a lot of water. A lot.

12.06 While we wait: a little story, via my Twitter.

That's what happens when you work on the Queen's Birthday.

12.08 Man. This really hasn't started yet.

12.12 Seriously though, I made a tea so I could settle in and watch and now I've finished my tea. This is bullshit.

12.17 Here we go!

12.18 Um... Quake? Is Quake happening?

12.19 Hahahaha, of course Quake is happening! Why wouldn't it happen! Of course. Quake Champions suggests to me this is multiplayer only? I reckon.

12.21 Fragging should be a banned word now. Worst word.

Oh, and lol at Alex:

12.22 Honestly though, if this isn't just a straight up arena shooter, it's a mistake. And it doesn't sound like Bethesda or anyone gets that. Class-based is just... why? I hope to be proven wrong. But...


12.24 You've seen our Overwatch competitor, now take a look at our Hearthstone competitor...

Man, the more I think about Quake, the less I'm excited about it. (Sorry I can't bring myself to type about this card game I'm not interested in lol).

12.28 Is it just me or is Todd's hair looking less lustrous than usual? A bit dry? Needs to get that conditioner game going...

12.31 Don't mean to be a Debbie Downer, but I can't see myself going back to Fallout 4. Especially crafting stuff, which is just not really my style.


[sorry, got a bit excited there]

12.34 Okay, Dishonored 2 stuff. I loved the first game so much. I want this and I want it to not suck. Please make my dreams come true.

12.37 Seriously, I might be in the minority here, but I really didn't want this to be a Prey game. I wanted it to be a new thing that was weird and cool and didn't come with all that baggage. Does Prey's name value really have that much weight in 2016?

12.41 Does anyone play Elder Scrolls Online? I wish that game was like really good. Love the Elder Scrolls universe.

12.42 This guy makes a good point:

12.44 Seriously though, Skyrim's theme might be my favourite video game theme ever. It's just so, so good.

Actually, changed my mind.

12.44 Shout out to that girl in the crowd who screams a lot and just shouted out "HELL YEAH". Shine on sister. Shine on.

12.47 Man, ESO looks pretty good. Dunno if I have the time to invest in another MMO or whatever, but yeah... seems decent for sure.

12.50 Ooooooh, Bethesda VR?

12.51 Fuckk, OCULUS. I HAVE AN OCULUS. DO IT ON OCULUS. FUUUUUCK WHY? WHY WHY? I CAN'T DROP $1200 ON ANOTHER HEADSET! (I forgot about the Bethesda/Oculus issues)

12.52 OK, now we get Dishonored 2. I AM EXCITED FOR THIS.

12.54 I love this Dishonored universe where everyone is buff as fuck. Also: this game looks really beautiful. I can't wait for this.

12.56 Okay I was really hoping to see a bit more than that. Truth be told, though — it looks goddamn gorgeous.

12.57 Ah okay, there is more! GOOD. BECAUSE I WANTED MORE.

lol, I love you Raygun.

1.00 This looks great. I love the idea of two different protagonists that create different experiences. Dishonored was always a great game to replay over and over again regardless.

1.04 Sorry, trying to watch instead of type. This game is gonna be my jam for real. I love stealth games, especially when they genuinely allow for creative gameplay. Dishonored 2 was always gonna be good no matter what.

I normally hate skill trees in stealth games (or any game for that matter) but it kinda works in Dishonored.

1.09 Shit dude, what is all this time travel shit. Goddamn, this game looks phenomenal. Sign me up. Sign me the hell up right now.

Is this excitement? Is this what it feels like to be alive?

1.13 Okay, collector's edition stuff. Goddamn I cannot be arsed with this stuff.

1.15 Seems like this thing is wrapping up. My quick summary:

— Quake Champions... hmmm dunno. — Dishonored 2, oh hell yes please. — Fallout 4 DLC? I'm kinda done with that game. — Elder Scrolls card game. Nope. — Prey? Yes. Looks awesome. Wish it didn't have the Prey baggage hanging over it. — Skyrim remastered. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Good press conference overall I think.


    Hoping for a new huge IP. Chances are .0000002% but if so i will lose my collective sh...


      screw that i want Blackmarsh or Elsewere. Beast Race, Best Races

    Quake pls

      I so want a Quake.

        Considering the mini "arenas" in Doom were very Quake-esque, I suspect it's not far away.

          HOLY FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            HOLY SHIT!!!!

              Class based, eh? Maybe if it was an Enemy Territory remake... but I want a bona fide arena game without classes, loadouts or 'progression'.

    Skyrim Remaster would make me so happy.

    Hopefully news on future Fallout 4 DLC. Skyrim remaster with mod support and increased HDD space available for mods on consoles

    Dishonored 2 will be the biggie though

    So anybody notice in that directory listing... Keen? Commander Keen? Please?


      Just reading up on this, rumour is New Colossus is hinting at the title of the next Wolfenstein. It's the name of the poem B.J. reads at the end of New Order.

    well now we know why ID wasnt incharge of Dooms MP.. they were busy with Quake MP

    I get the feeling they might end with a new IP reveal now

    So is Prey a reboot of Prey, or a sequel?

      Almost what I said, though I added in "remaster" :P

        I've never played Prey, I have no idea what Prey is about. I thought the trailer looked great, and it grabbed my attention until the name came up and then I only got confusion.

          Haha, same. I mean I picked it up cheap the other month, but I thought it was about a native American who went into the spirit world and stuff, also something about aliens. So was also confused.

    No one gives a shit about the Prey license. We want that space cowboy bounty hunter game that was called Prey 2.

    Last edited 13/06/16 12:40 pm

      i cant believe im agreeing with you

      I must have watched that trailer 20 times it's so good.

    I don't understand the hype behind Skyrim. Why not focus on a new chapter?

      It was the COD4 of Elder Scrolls (as in people who don't even play RPGs bought it!)

    Whelp... this was a little underwhelming.

    I don't know what i was expecting.

    Watching Dishonored 2 would be a lot more exciting if the presenting guy had more enthusiasm and charisma

    Dishonored 2 people deserve to be shot in the ass for showing the most excruciatingly boring gameplay video of all time.

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