Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is Still In Development

As long as that Ubisoft press conference was, we didn't see an Assassin's Creed game and we didn't seen anything of Beyond Good & Evil 2.

A new Assassin's Creed? Yeah, we can be pretty sure that's happening. A new Beyond Good & Evil? The jury's still out on that one.

But not according to Ubisoft CEO.

Speaking on YouTube's official gaming channel Yves Guillemot claimed that Beyond Good & Evil 2 was "still on the way".

But when Yves? When?

"It's difficult to say," Yves explained further. "Michel [Ancel] is working on it, but he's doing two games at the same time, he's doing Wild at the same time, it's coming along, but he has to spend more time on it so we can see it faster."

To be perfectly honest, I think Wild feels like a more interesting game, but I would also quite like to play Beyond Good & Evil 2 before I hit the grave.


    BG&E2 is my last guardian :(

    Last edited 14/06/16 11:50 am

      Dreams come true buddy. My last guardian is last guardian.

    Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is Still In Development

    So is Half-Life 3. Not to be mean but if BG&E 2 ever comes out I think it likely it will be another Duke Nukem: Forever.

      Likewise I've given up hope. Ubisoft seems content to run Assassins Creed into the ground.

    BG&E2 will be out just in time for Vivendi to release it...

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