BioShock Collection Leaks (Yet Again)

After leaking once in September, then again in February, then in March, it appears the BioShock collection is ready to leak for real this time. While previous leaks came mostly from trademarks and retailers, today's news actually came from 2K's website, where the name appeared for a few minutes this afternoon before it was removed:

Coincidentally, 2K also started a Twitter account for BioShock today.

NeoGAF diggers have already found a bunch of photos from the upcoming BioShock collection, so it will likely get announced soon. Safe to say this will be a current-gen version of all three BioShock games, including the DLC (much of which, like BioShock 2's Minerva Den, is regarded very well). Also safe to say this is one of the worst-kept surprise announcements in recent history.


    How does this differ form the collection steam sells?
    I literally just bought the collection off steam last night because it was dirt cheap, regardless... no regrets

      This would likely be for Xbox One and PS4... They might release for PC if it actually has some engine improvements.

    I'd only be interested if this is being ported to Unreal 4... Not exactly a simple undertaking but better than a standard next-gen port.

    I actually just finished the Infinite DLC and was amazed with how well written the game is, now that I've played all 3 plus their DLC's.

    For anyone that hasn't played these games, would you kindly purchase this and sink your teeth into it as soon as possible!

    Let's hope they don't pull a WB and only remaster 1 and Infinte!

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